Spectrum Vega is going into production

zx-vega-controller_660 We told you about the new console being made by Sir Clive Sinclair a while ago, and now, we can confirm, it is going into production after a successful crowd-sourcing project.

The Spectrum Vega is a little different to the old ZX Spectrum - the iconic rubber keyboard has been updated into a retro joypad. There'll be no tapes to load up either, as that would be magnificently stupid in 2015.

Instead of being a thing designed to get you interested in home programming, the Vega is a joy machine, meant only for playing classic Spectrum games. Of course, there's a load of online emulators that you could have, but they're not as nice as the Vega.

The machines are going to be built by a company in the UK (SMS Technologies, if you're interested) which is something Sir Clive was very keen on.

Bob Pitchford, SMS Technologies' sales and marketing director, fizzed: "The original Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a gaming product that we all remember, so it is very exciting to be working with such an iconic brand."

The Spectrum Vega will have access to a huge collection of classic games, which is good news for all.


  • jim
    i kind of want one - used to love the spectrum. but when i got mine it was £120 back in the day. so like 2 decades later its £100. er thats a lot. also you can get an emulator and all the games for nothing online. hmmm - what else can it do?
  • stuart
    I was VERY interested until I saw the price, £100! as Jim said when it first came out it wasn't much dearer than that. it should be no more than £30-£40 in my opinion.
  • jim
    indeed - would like a list of games as well.

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