Soundcloud: Now with ads

soundcloud Music platform Soundcloud have announced plans to bring advertising onto the site.

There are also moves being made by the company so that users will be able to collect royalties too.

According to an email to users this morning, Soundcloud founder Alex Ljung explained that “We’re laying this foundation by initially inviting a small group of creators to become Premier partners in the On Soundcloud program, enabling them to make money on the platform. Over time we will roll this out across the creator community.”

“To make this possible, we’re introducing advertising from select brand partners to SoundCloud. When someone sees or hears an ad, they’re supporting an artist. We will include ads gradually and bring on more advertisers as we grow On SoundCloud.”

It is also part of a new licensing deal with various companies, including Sony/ATV and BMG

The adverts will come from the usual suspects, and naturally you’ll be able to avoid them by signing up for a premium account. So far, so Spotify.

Quite what this will mean for the literally penniless unsigned acts and bedroom fiddlers, who use the platform as a free sharing device to get their tunes and mixes out to a wider audience, is anyone's guess. Although, you could guess that they'll remain penniless.

The company are still in negotiations with other major companies, in a bid to stop suing anyone who uses one of their tunes on the service.

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