Sony's not-very-unlimited Music Unlimited is coming to smash Spotify

Great news! Sony have expanded their Music Unlimited music-streaming service into Europe and are taking it to the USA in March. Hang on, their what?

You know – their ‘Spotify-killing’ service that only works on compatible Sony hardware such as the PS3, Blu-ray disc players, network-enabled Bravia tellies and suchlike. They launched it in the UK four days before Christmas – what do you mean you missed it?

Isony-unlimited-musict’s a cloud-based service that allows punters to stream music and add it into their own personal libraries across all of their compatible devices – with money exchanging hands of course. Great news if you’re a Sony addict!

Brilliantly, you can even add existing music that you already own to your playlist – oh, unless it’s DRM-protected that is. Also, if it isn’t already in the Music Unlimited six million song-strong database, you won’t be able to share it across devices. So it isn't really 'Unlimited' then is it? But apart from that, it’s really great.

But just how does it work? By Qriocity of course! That’s the name of the system that powers the thing and allows users to manage their libraries no matter what Sony device they’re using it on. Oh, and it’s pronounced ‘curiosity’ – of course.

Sony have linked up with rival labels EMI, Warner Music and Universal, whose head of something or other Rob Wells or something said: “We have seen a lot of these services go live over the year," he said. "I am encouraged despite having been to a number of these launches and the problems of piracy. I think what Sony has put together has a genuine shot at success on a global basis.”

While we haven’t been to a number of launches like Rob has, we’ve read about a fair few. We’ve also read about a fair few of them closing down again a few months later and we’d eat a live unicorn if this thing was still going in a year’s time.

Are YOU using Music Unlimited yet? If so, how is Qriosity working for you? Hello? Anybody there??


  • Gunn
    I installed it on PS3 but there was no free trial :(
  • LD
    And their film streaming service is crap too.
  • darrenw
    You can do a free trial on this, I took the premium package for this with the 30 days free, you have to register your card and it does a rolling charge service, however, once you sign up, go straight into your account settings and cancel the rolling service, you still get the package for free... I've had it since december 24th. the service is good, choice is wide, shame its all categorised rather than searchable via artist... but there are a few glitches, IE search 50's music and it brings up Jazz one minute then 90s the next... and you cant flick through the apple style cascading cover styles whilst listening to tracks... but potentially could be a great service.
  • Nick T.
    If it's anything like Sony's Qriocity online movie service it'll be shite. £4.50 for a one-off viewing of a three year-old film? Er, no thanks.
  • Aidan
    I've got a Zune pass which works on my Phone, PC and XBOX. It's great, I can listen to almost anything I want to. Sometimes there is missing back catalog, but that's usually because download versions haven't been made available at all. My Sony blu-ray player has Qriocity built in, but I don't think I'm going to pay for multiple music services.
  • Marky M.
    @ Nick T £4.50 a pop might be justified if Sony have to pay for licensing to the other studios, but not for movies produced by their own studio, surely? Can't they just download a torrent for nothing like everybody else?
  • DragonChris
    Any figures on the subscription fees? Too lazy to Google.
  • darren w.
    @dragonchris £9.99 a month... unlimited and acts as a media player for content on your PC/Mac.
  • ElBuc
    Far too little, far too late. To be honest, music is so shit these days I can't even find anything I want to download with the help of piratebay and a torrent client.
  • hippy
    sony coming up with an original idea again huh. as people have already said, music today is shite, only the old stuff is any good and most of that i already have in flac or on an actual cd disk! all this drm, cant play on any other device unless its a sony/apple/microcrap is stupid and counter productive. I heard alot of talk about this "cloud" last year and really nothing much has come of it thats worth all the hype it had. woop de doop, we have music to listen to on devices but it only costs £4 a month which id rather save for proper cd's that i can listen to again and again in proper quality not this crappy 128kbps mp3. I just see this as an excuse for sony to add £30 onto the price of thier tv's and blu-ray players.
  • Cameron
    Time to eat that live unicorn...

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