Sony want your money. All of it.

2 March 2009

Remember when we reported that Sony had decided that the best way to buck the economic downturn was to increase their prices? Looks like they’ve started – and they ain’t taking any prisoners.

From – thanks to Bitterwallet reader Lindsay Meadows.


  • -=Mike H.
    Should get mine delivered this week, thanks for the great deal BW! You've saved me $£$£*(*That's not a swear word either for FUC*KS sake)
  • The B.
    Cue the responses: "I dun lik yur site, it has rud werds" "I use HDUK and I keep clicking the links to your site and it has rude words and I'm an idiot who can't punctuate sentences and I'm telling my mum as you had rude words and HDUK is a family site and I think you should all burn in hell for using rude words and every time I look at your site it offends me but I keep clicking the links anyway so I can complain some more about the rude words" "hurggh, hurggh, you are rubbish"
  • -=Mike H.
    The Real Bob, It's the same people who keep clicking the cold/expire/spam buttons, FUNKING CHAVS !
  • Martin
    This isn't Sony and it isn't Amazon. It is a marketplace seller. And haven't they just run out of stock? They have then "bookmarked" their product by placing a ridiculously high price so it is kept in their product list but the price is so high no-one will purchase it.
  • Paul N.
    Good background thanks Martin.
  • Martin
    And if you think Sony are bad, Obama obviously has no idea about what money is and the world is financially screwed if they follow his plans ... He wants £1,675.57 for his used paperback, plus extra for postage.
  • Jack
  • Gus
    LOL RRP: £15.00 Used: from £1,675.57
  • Julia
    But you do at least get free shipping with it!

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