Sony prepares to announce new PSP Go

If you get all excited by handheld thumbling, then there's big news expected at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which runs for three days from tomorrow in Los Angeles. Talk of the town will no doubt be courtesy of Sony, when they're expected to unveil this beauty. It's the PSP Go, with 16GB of flash memory packed in and likely to be available from Autumn. Lummy:



  • Jill
    Looks ugly and horribly uncomfortable to use (you need a very long thumb to reach that analogue stick from the side of the console).
  • ABC
    looks crap, only one analogue! dont quite understand why they waste so much money with these rubbish revisions with minor changes (til this one), just release something more powerful with 2 analogues and ppl will buy it, and make it half comfortable.
  • Me
    ba humbug
  • mikey
    why would you need to reach the analogue stick with your right thumb jill? what games require you to use the directional buttons with your left hand and the analogue stick to move with your right whilst ignoring the rest of the buttons?
  • Jill
    You wouldn't need to Mikey, hence why I didn't mention the right thumb... The stick is almost in the centre of the console - quite far away from where your thumb would be resting while holding the console.
  • Hmm
    old news. and you really think this will be the biggest thing at E3? you're off your head
  • ll
    ... if you had midget hands then the analogue stick might be a problem! The thing looks alright but do we really need another psp? didnt the last one gradually die out, do they even make umds any more?
  • rak
    mikey have you never played a fps on the playstation? using two analogue sticks....
  • Sean
    Looks like a nightmare to use. Guessing it would be unbalanced/top heavy, and awkward to use for extended periods (like, more than 10 minutes...)
  • Colin
    Yeah, it seems like a pointless revision, ugly and no real improvement. Also,
  • numberwang
    WOW Its cool how everyone here is an expert on this unreleased psp just by looking at one picture of the prototype.......... LOL
  • Gamesmaster
    I've heard this thing is better than Jesus
  • ctuk
    I think it looks much better than the old one. I never bought the old one, I wont ever buy the new one. My opinion counts for nothing.
  • Dados
    i have the original one,quietly gathering dust,only used for long haul flights & only if i can get hold of the latest "game saves" cough,cough,still ok for a media player tho,screen is still top notch & with mem stick prices falling as quick as cabinet ministers, i will continue to use it,i won't be updating it tho
  • G R.
    yeah and im sure sony have went to a lot of trouble without testing whether you can reach the analogue...
  • Jill
    Yes, you obviously can reach the analogue stick otherwise they wouldn't release it. I'm just pointing out how uncomfortable it looks.
  • Marnie
    Hideous must be a mock up, and I have seen net books smaller than that. Nintendo will be rubbing their hands with glee if that is what Sony announce and I bet MS will probably fancy a bit of the action on seeing that thing.
  • Jamie
    I'm glad to see they've put the screen on a slider so it can slide down and protect my buttons from getting scratched.

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