Sony offering £150 scrappage cash - nation unmoved

Hey daddy, Sony have got on board with the whole current ‘scrappage’ craze and are allowing customers to treat their old TVs the same way they’d treat an old Peugeot 306 – namely, getting quick cash for dumping it in exchange for a brand new model.

The electronics giant have said they’ll knock £150 off the price of one of their newest Bravia sets if you trade in an old idiot box, but only as long as you do it with a participating Sony stockist.

Sure, the whole thing sounds exciting, but a few questions spring to mind. Firstly, how hard will it be to get a £150 discount by shopping around all dealers that are stocking the new Bravia, especially if you’re armed with some haggling skills and are paying cash? £150? £250 off doesn’t sound unreasonable to us.

Secondly, if you have to hand your old telly back, what are you going to dump in the back garden and use for air rifle target practice for the next three months? Thirdly, the offer is part of Sony’s new campaign to get people to update their TVs ahead of the upcoming digital switchover, and they’ll be plugging it with ads starring Alice Cooper.

Fuck a duck, surely that’s just going to put folk off, no?



  • Mewling P.
    I reckon Alice Cooper will be a bit more successful (and bearable) than Iggy "get the fuck off my telly you aging twat" Pop! He sells time, you know!
  • Martha F.
    Andrew, why does it take 3 years to moderate my comments? Mike can't even comment! Toodles
  • Santa C.
    Dont really appreciate the use of "folk off" here, this seems a bit gratitous, surely you could have used the phrase "annoyed people" or something similar to get the same effect/affect or was this just a sneaky way to put in a double entendre into this article?
  • Martha F.
    Dunno Santa, but you won't be able to read my answer because it won't get FUCKING* MODERATED!
  • Craig
    The problem is that if you knock £150 off a hugely over-priced Sony TV you'll still be paying more than an equally good TV from another manufacturer! And Iggy Pop has got to be one of the creepiest, wrinkliest things I have ever seen on my TV screen, even worse than "50+ and horny as hell" that I bought off the interweb.
  • Martha F.
    Ha ha funny Craig, but you won't get to read my response as BW are to busy sampling their own belly button fluff!
  • Bill O.
    will Alice Cooper come round my house to collect the old set? if so, ask him to bring Iggy to give him a hand, its a bit cumbersome.
  • Iggy P.
    Hi Bill, Got a call from Alice there about collecting some old TV set. My removal company's uniform is basically just see through trousers, i hope your OK with this, i only mention it cause my soliciter told me to, especially after we had a little bother last month in a certain nursing home.
  • Alice C.
    Hi Bill, Alice here, yes, the real one, not some joker from Bitter Wallet using my name. Just wanted to let you know that, as long as I can bring my whip and wear my daft makeup then I'll be round in the Transit about 1930hrs to collect your TV. If you could get some tea and cakes for me and Iggy ready I would be appreciative. I'm off to get into my leathers and put those stupid lines down my face. Toodles Alice (Yes I know it's a fookin' girls name)
  • Now B.
    [...] month, Sony employed old relic Alice Cooper in an attempt to persuade punters to hand over their old tellies in order to get some discount off [...]
  • Mums D.
    Just mumsy here lads, I wanted to see if any of you little wankers knew which nursing home old Alice Cooper is enjoying herself at? I thought I'd drop by for a spot of tea and some biscuits, maybe talk about the good old days when we used to put LSD in the Vickers tea. Well if any of you can take a moment out of your busy schedules text messaging Madonna and such and give an old dear a moment, I'd really appreaciate it, Just love to sit in the sun with old Alice and talk about destroying hotel rooms and such, and if you can't invite me round to shoot up the telly or just fuck off.

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