Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy...

From US fast food chain Shoneys...

[Knuckles United]


  • Deech
    Raw or uncooked ingredients...... we call that salad dont we? I know it waffles about Meat and Seafood, but that is just "lawyer CYA speak"(tm) Bear in mind a decent rare steak is pretty damn near raw (or it ought to be!)
  • zeddy
    The bacteria is on the outer surfaces of steak, thus when the outside is seared it is killed off. Burgers are steak meat that is minced and thus the bacteria is churned throughout the meat. Cooking the outside does not kill all the bacteria. That's why a rare steak is safe and a rare burger is not. If you like steak tartare, well, hell mend you!
  • Mickey
    Notice the asterisk before 'ADVISORY'? This warning probably relates to other items on the menu (probably those with an asterisk next to them, duh).
  • Brian
    Mmmm, need a BURGER NOW, with or without a little flag
  • Shadow
    should just be Warning: You may turn into a fat yank if you eat these
  • Joe S.
    Pretty certain it's a legal requirement to have that statement in certain circumstances in the USA. You see it on a lot of things.
  • tits
    ^^^ yp

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