Something to drink while you're sitting around...

Unless the name is a reference to one of the ingredients. We sincerely hope not.


[thanks to avid Bitterwallet user Emma]


  • Bear G.
    Can I have it fresh from the furry cup?
  • Spyro
    The picture on the packet is a woman sitting on the toilet. Not particularly enticing is it ?
  • Emma
    And the french version sounds so posh - Thé de la défécation...
  • Jolyon B.
    I find that you can get the same effect just by drinking Guinness, albeit more than one. You can also boost the defecation quality by adding a madras or vindaloo!
  • Boris
    Tried it. It's shit.
  • Joanna
    Lots of herbal teas work as natural, mild laxatives. Some are even marketed as "weight loss" teas. I remember reading about a certain one nicknamed "ballerina tea" as it was supposedly what dancers used to flush out any excess water weight if they felt bloated before a show.

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