Something for the children to play with...


  • No m.
    Seriously, anyone that doesn't vote Fred West is just trying to be funny.
  • Danny
    "Tags: poll, wankers" I honestly hope you don't get paid for doing this. I'd stop throwing your toys out of the pram if I was you Andy, I can't imagine that santa will bring you any new ones the way you've been carrying on.
  • Drunkmonkey
    Ahhh..... A little bit of wee came out!
  • No m.
    @Danny I disagree. I'm sure Santa will be more than happy to empty his sack all over Andy. Probably over his face.
  • Ross
    But surely Fred West is the Managing Director of eBay and Paypal so how can he be separate from the other two ?
  • Mike
    This poll is fixed
  • Thispollisfixed
    Why can't we vote for Andy? After all, he's mentioned in the tags.
  • tom
    oh what did i miss?
  • charitynjw
    Fred West? John West, surely! (fishy! lol)

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