Something doesn't add up with Specsavers contact lens solution deal

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There are none so blind as those who will not see, or so the saying goes. Perhaps the good people at Specsavers believe that it is true of their short/long (delete as appropriate) sighted customers. Or maybe they just assume that they're crap at maths.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Melissa got in touch with us, after she suspected something was amiss with the amount of their Easy Vision contact lens solution that she was using, realising that the advertised three months' supply wasn't lasting anywhere near that long.

Three months' supply is three 250ml bottles, a total of 750ml. Melissa says that “it comes with a pot which both lenses go in. You have to put 15ml in (ie. to the line) to cover both the lenses. And you have to use the case they supply as it has a disc of catalyst metal in it that causes the peroxide in the solution to break down into saline over the course of six hours."

She adds, "I kept buying what I thought was a three-month supply, and it slowly dawned on me that I was buying it far too often. So I measured it and found that I was right: I was actually buying a new pack every 50 days or so – nearly twice as often as I should have been."

We've done some rudimentary maths and she's right. If used every day, a 250ml bottle of solution (which Specsavers claim will last a month), will only keep your contact lenses clean and fresh for a mere 16.6 days. Last time we checked, there was at least 28 days in every month. So three months' worth will only last for a little bit more than a month and a half. Unless you only fancy having your contact lenses in for half a month and stumbling about blindly for the rest of the time instead.

We'll be dropping Specsavers a line and asking them for their thoughts on this one – but it looks like a clear case of pulling the wool over their customers' eyes.


  • The B.
    Dawson you buffoon: " there was at least 28 days in every month" "were" boy "were", put this hat on and stand in the corner. I'll spank you later.
  • One J.
    Works for me.
  • Cpt B.
    Not much of saving if you buy 6months instead of 3months, 90pence.
  • Captain M.
    I suspect their idea is that it is enough to clean 1 single lens for 1 month as with half the solution (8 ml) you would get 31 days out of 1 bottle.
  • Jeremy
    Doesn't say that it's only 3 months supply for one eye. LOL
  • Boris
    My God! This is almost as outrageous as having a "feral trolley of the week" and only changing it every two months (after I have reminded you).
  • Dick
    I prefer cumming on girls with glasses.
  • Geez
    And this is forgetting that you're supposed to put them in the palm of your hand in some solution and rub with your finger. Probably another 30% on top.
  • Skymarshall
    Simple solution. Don't be blind.
  • Mr M.
    What's these contact lens thingy's your banging on about?
  • Michael O.
    To meet safety requirements, all passengers will now be required to have an eye examination before boarding every flight. This test is available at £60, or free to holders of a Ryanair VIP card. These are issued in person at our Ghanaian office. Passengers failing the eye test will be required to pay a further £60 to sit near the Emergency Exit sign, so they can see it. The Emergency Exit is actually nailed shut, but fuck you anyway.
  • laurz
    Contact lenses which are removed at the end of tge day and stored in solution over night should not be worn every day as it damages your eyes. Source: several opticians and optometrists
  • Frank P.
    Laurz is a twat. Source: me
  • Mike H.
    If Melissa had a brain, and could see properly, she could have used simple maffs and worked it out pretty quickly 3 bottles of 750ml at 15ml a pop will only last 50 days, give or take a day or so for over/under filling, evaporation, cack-handedness and discrepancies in bottle filling at source. Stupid bitch.
  • Melissa
    Mike Hock: it doesn't indicate anywhere on the case that the line you fill to is 15ml, so "simple maffs" is redundant without a) the suspicion that something is amiss and b) a measuring device to measure how much is being used each day. I think it's pretty reasonable to expect something sold to you as lasting a month (or three months) to last that long, without having to check it out yourself. The fact is, thousands of Specsavers customers have been using this solution for many years now, and as far as I know I'm the only one who has actually noticed a problem, checked it out, DONE THE MAFFS and complained about it. So not such a stupid bitch, actually. Laurz: My (Specsavers) optician advises me that it is far more important to reduce the number of hours you wear them each day, rather than leaving them out for whole days. Neither does it say anything like that on the bottles, or on the patient leaflet.
  • Mike H.
    Hi Melissa, actually, it depends where/how you measure the meniscus. You could have a discrepancy of 2ml over-fill. Which means you're putting too much in. In which case, these guys are right and you are (probably) wrong and a moaning old whore. Or maybe your husband/little scrots are drinking the stuff. Stupid bitch.
  • Mary H.
    "You have to put 15ml in (ie. to the line) to cover both the lenses." If you haven't used a 'measuring device' how do you know it's 15ml then, Melissa?
  • Maths
    SATS Paper 2 Mathematics Question 1. Melissa has 750 ml of a solution and uses the same amount each day for 50 days until it runs out. a) How much solution does she use each day? b) How thick as pigshit is Mary Hinge?
  • Archimedes
    I'm afraid one-eyed-Jack will probably go through more solution than his two eyed piers. Somebody should tell Melissa that a 1 month supply of disposable 1-day-use lenses from Specsavers includes 20 pairs. Perhaps after a few years of buying them she might work out that she's actually buying them more often than once a month. Please add some comment regarding not wearing them every day.
  • Mike H.
    Doesn't make any fucking difference, she could piss some over the sink, not fill it enough, it could evapourate, she might be using it as mouth wash, the husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/intruder washes their cock in it, the bottle isn't filled with 750ml of fluid loads of factors. Assuming that there is exactly 750ml, she measures out exactly the same each day, the daft bitch doesn't piss it all over the place and that she counts exact number of days is absolutely thick as pigshit and a massive oversight. Best keep at those exam papers.
  • Mike t.
    Firstly, it's recommended you have 2 pairs of contacts and alternate daily. It extends the life of the lens and it means you always have a spare set. As such, if you use one bottle every other day, it'll last 1 month. Secondly, some contact lenses can be worn for extended periods of several days. These would require less cleaning/sterilising and again, a bottle would last for several weeks. Thirdly... Does it matter...? Really?
  • Maths
    Sorry if the question was too hard for you Mike and Mary. Did you make up lots of funny excuses when you tried your real SATS a couple of years back?
  • You
    I bought a mobile phone contract of Mike Hock. £30 a month but the phone only works for 20 days a month. I just have to accept it though since some of my minutes might have evaporated or fallen down the sink.
  • rex13
    I think that is matter anyway and I doubt that is a math problem. I guess it is just a lie in a marketing purposes. It wouldn't be difficult to write that 1 bottle last for one week, or 3 for one and half month, but then it would seems much more expensive...
  • Josephine C.
    -I have used Micri corneal lenses since the sixties when I did not need the Easy Vision Conditioning Solution now approved by Specsavers for difficulty in taking out the lenses.- Now,I need it a hope it will help this problem. Any thoughts?

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