Someone invents 'weight loss chocolate'

fat-blogger Someone called Aneesh Popat has invented a weight-loss chocolate, by replacing chocolate's butter and cream in favour of flavour-infused water and cocoa.

So, while a normal chocolate bar will slap you with over 200 calories, Popat's will only have 20.

Popat said: "Chocolate is good for you if made in the right way. My love of chocolate led me to devote and apply my mathematical and scientific backgrounds to create the most unique flavour combinations with utmost precision and creativity."

"Many people struggle with their weight but I guess I'm here to save the day and their figures."

You can't help but assume that, somehow, this'll end up making you shit yourself inside out.

Dr Sarah Schenker of the British Dietetic Association said: "As these chocolates boast such a low calorie level and high water content it could be advantageous to people seeking a less naughty treat."


  • wendell I.
    Who gave my permission for my photograph to be shown? I usually have watery chocolate come out of my ass.
  • Captain.Cretin
    As I always say "Chocolate CAN help weight loss - but only as part of a calorie controlled diet".
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb
  • Dick
    Chocolate coated laxatives also help weight loss.
  • Gof M.
    Eat some fruit instead
  • shiftynifty
    Eat in healthy...fat fuckers

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