Someone in Tesco supports Manchester City...




  • James
    Although this is quite funny. It could be completely fake as you can't even read what the item prices are actually for. The difference in length of text suggests it is set up, City is only 2 letters more than United.
  • James
    sorry be a boring sod!
  • MUFC
    United featuring on a site that has nothing to do with football... the result at weekend just reinforced how important we are to everyone. The phrase "hated and adored but never ignored" has never been so apt.
  • You
    @MUFC - Or perhaps... Something amusing in a retail store on a site that regularly features things that are amusing in retial stores. The sense of humour failure from Man United fans since the weekend is brilliant.
  • rob
    @mufc ... hated far more than adored, it must really rankle mufc fans that however much they win they'll never have the goodwill of Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan or Liverpool at the height of their intenational success ...could it be down to the graceless way they do it ?
  • MUFC
    Yes Liverpool a shining example of goodwill across Europe murdering 39 Italian fans getting English teams banned from European football. Yes it really 'rankles' us..... but don't worry, the copious amounts of silverware console us. We're man united, we do what we want.
  • stu
    @MUFC - "WE'RE man united" no your not your a fan OF Manchester United... and according to the law of averages not even from Manchester!
  • Dick
    I support Ovo for my energy, O2 for my internet and Ford for my car. I tend to support Waitrose and Sainsburys for my food, although I also support Aldi sometimes. Last night I supported the film Moon, which I had never supported before. I might support it again in the future, although I'm likely to support a different film tonight.
  • ClubFootKid
    But United still lost 6-1, right? Ha!
  • Head
    You're not a proper supermarket fan then Dick. Real fans never leave 'their' supermarket. That's why I weigh three stone, my supermarket is bloody Prestos
  • TimB
    @ClubFootKid - don't forget that 3 of those were after 90 minutes. I think there may be some management issues and the players are working to rule. "90 minutes? Right, that's me done, see you in the pub lads"
  • Dick
    @Head, yeah, I occasionally support farmers' markets too, so I am a real turncoat when it comes to supporting supermarkets, let alone supporting just one of them. Maybe someone can help me out. Which is the best supermarket? Let me know and I will support them and stop supporting all others. Until one of the others is better, of course. Then I will support them instead.
  • United 9.
    I am a United fan, and surprisingly for most see the funny side to this. Frankly I revel in the amusement of a "shift in power in Manchester". It's just Sh*t banter :) There is no need to attack individuals on these sites. So I will attack the majority who write on here as they probably never see the light of day, or have any social interaction. Please feel free to keep any animosity towards me to yourself. With regards and best wishes.
  • PokeHerPete
    I dont know what the big fuss is about. They are still both cuntish clubs supported by fickle cunts who live everywhere but Manchester.
  • MUFC
    @ Pete - I think you'll find the majority of Shitty's support comes from Manchester and the surrounding areas whereas ours is from all over England and the world because they are small time and we are a bigger club than them
  • Romanz
    PokeHerPete: are you seriously suggesting that City fans don't come from Manchester? I think we can conclude that you have never visited the city if that's your genuine belief.
  • You
    @MUFC - Ha ha, so basically what youre saying is that MANCHESTER City fans come from MANCHESTER, whereas MANCHESTER United fans just support them cos they (used to) win all the time?
  • MUFC
    I suppose so yeah - I'm from Ireland but I might support someone else like Chelsea now because that loss was embarrassing.
  • Bertie M.
    Everyone knows Manchester is blue - City are not only the most massive team in Manchester we're now the most MASSIVE team in the World. What other club can boast the widest pitch in the league and celebrity fans such as Curly Watts! Those rags didn't know what hit them with that 1-6 - old bacon face is still reeling and can't believe what we did to them. This city is ours!

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