Some great, some not-so-great clobber from The Currant Bun

As always, The Sun is backing our boys (© The Sun, since the dawn of man), raising money for soldiers wounded in conflict. No, we're not taking the piss, we're just having a a look at their latest fund-raising effort, wondering whether the money out the BW office swearbox will stretch to buying some celebrity clobber.

The rag has pulled together a bunch of items to auction on eBay to raise funds, and top of the pile has to be The Stig's signed racing suit and helmet, donated by the Lord Almighty Jeremy Clarkson himself. But who the bleeding hell thought it'd be a good idea to tap up GMTV's Ben Shepherd for a fitted suit?

He's the height of an 11 year old girl, so while it might be a bargain if your child has a funeral to attend, it's not going to do much for the charity coffers, a common concern judging by the current £225 offered. For shame, The Sun, you've let our brave boys down. But The Stig's racing suit and helmet is pretty sweet, so we'll let you off.

[eBay] via HUKD user aj_aziz


  • MinstrelMan
    RESULT!!!!! I'm the height of an 11 year old girl! Unfortunatly I'm built like one too...... on me that suit will still probably look like the Tom Hank's on the closing scene of "big" *sighs*
  • Vi R.
    I won Jeremy Clarkson's pair of jeans he put in the auction for 420 pounds. That's around $635.00 American $$. Yes, I'm an american middle aged female and just love Jezza, and so does my 17 year old daughter. So we are excited to win something from our favorite Brit and favorite Brittish show. Top Gear Rules!!

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