Solicitors Draw Up Basic Will FREE in exchange for charity donation
Will Aid is offering the opportunity to have a basic Will drawn up
professionally by a solicitor free of charge.

In return for this service, the solicitors hope that you will choose to donate to the Will Aid charities.

The suggested donation is £75 for a single will, £110 for a pair of matching 'mirror' wills, or £40 for a codicil to an existing will. This is a bargain compared to the average cost of a simple will, normally around £200, £300 for parallels, and £50 for codicils.

But why use a solicitor instead of a will-writer, or doing it yourself?

HUKD user mrcoxexcel explains:

"The solicitors make their real money by persuading you to use them as Executors - they then have several thousand pounds of work when you die. Never use a "will writer" - they are cheap but your loved ones will regret your choice for all sorts of reasons - badly written wills, impossible clauses etc.. Do get your will written if you want to avoid months / years of hassle and want to be certain that your loved ones get their inheritance according to your wishes - it is always at a difficult time for those you leave behind - use a solicitor if you can."

Since the campaign started in 1988, almost £7m has been raised in donations. The next campaign has started today, and will run through November 2008. This is a fantastic way to get your affairs in order and at the same time help many thousands of people in need. As stated on the Will Aid website:

The objective of the campaign is simple but compelling: to encourage people to make a Will with a solicitor and at the same time raise vital funds for the Will Aid charities: ActionAid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Help the Aged, NSPCC, Save the Children UK, Sightsavers International, SCIAF and Trocaire.

Click here to learn more, or use the Find a Solicitor function on this website.  You can also call hotline 0300 0300 013. Note that for people over 60, the Stroke Association is offering free wills (read more) (thanks, doberman!)

[Will Aid] via [HUKD] (Thanks, jj584143!)

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