So, when are you open then?




  • Graham S.
    Brilliant! I guess the idea here is just to pop along down to the local shop and play a good ole game of IFITS. If it's open go and buy your stuff. If it's shut, nobody's here, now go to your local Tesco where it's far cheaper albeit produced by foreign children!
  • Mark P.
    Wow. That's a new record for Bitterwallet. I saw this news story about 8 years ago and only now it's got here. Pretty soon there will be an article about "all your base are belong to us" and the matrix sequels LOLZ ZOMG FUNIES
  • lidds
    wow mark arnt you super
  • Anon
    Maybe it took them a while to get the story as every time they popped down the shop to pick up it happened to be closed as the sign warns may be the case...
  • Junkyard
    Or take the simple approach:
  • diGriz
  • JJ
    has anyone else noticed that autumn appears to have started about 6-7 months early in ferral trolley of the week?

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