So did YOU win Bitterwallet's 2nd birthday competition?

Since we announced our spectacular birthday competition, we've received literally millions of entries. Well, roughly 50 but we were still surprised, since we had you lot pegged as a bunch of half-witted, apathetic perverts - whereas now we know you're a bunch of half-witted, apathetic perverts who can open MS Paint.

Some of you went to town on intensely detailed cutting and pasting, some of you frankly couldn't be arsed, but what stood out were the ideas, the creativity and the passion for Bitterwallet; it's clear you loathe us only half as much as we despise you.

Anyway, with the standard two paragraphs of scene-setting nonsense done and dusted, it's time to find out who won the prizes. From a shortlist of half-a-dozen birthday card designs, the Bitterwallet team has argued, fought and relentlessly punched one another in the balls to decide the final three. You'll probably disagree, but then that's your job, isn't it?

3rd Place - Joanna Barrett-Smith

Bitterwallet - 3rd place

Bloody brilliant. There were some very impressive entries that mashed up images of all our favourite topics, but this topped the lot. Stuffed full of Bitterwallet stories, it smashed into third place because of the attention to detail - take a closer look at the shop windows, and there's Bitterwallet's consumer champion Len Dastard and his masked glare of fury.

2nd Place - Thomas Corkindale

Bitterwallet - 2nd Place

Special birthday wishes from a pimped-up Steve Jobs, caught in the act of necking a delicious Bitterwallet Big Breakfast Sundae. Epic.

1st Place - Dan Collins

Bitterwallet - 1st Place

Dan's entry pretty much won by a country mile. Simple, creative and perfectly executed. A birthday card we'll consider printing for our next birthday.

To everyone else - thank you for your custom. If we had t-shirts, we'd send you one. Alas, we don't - but your efforts were recognised and applauded. Well, most of them. Now, all that remains is for Bitterwallet to declare the inevitable squabbling and occasional messages of congratulations OPEN.


  • Dan C.
    WAHOO! That's made my week! Happy birthday Bitter Wallet :)
  • AK
    GUTTED! i really did think i was going to be top 3 then the last day loads of entries fludded in. Well done guys!
  • PaulH
    Bastards! To be fair I think you wrongly put Joanna Barrett-Smith in 3rd place. I Didn't really look at it first time but after you said look at the windows I had a proper look at there's some great details in there and hand drawn. I think Dan Collins entry, although really good, looks more like a promotional ad or something...I'm not bitter(wallet) at all...Set O' Bastards!
  • Pedant
    Bah, thats 5 minutes i'm never going to get back.
  • MrRobin
    Congratulations, Tom and Dan. Commiserations Joanna.
  • Andrew R.
    Ha, quality Dan - brilliantly simple!
  • Adam K.
    i think my Jackass one fitted in perfectly!! A feral shopping trolley, full of jackasses, rolling down a hill with explosions! Meh... you dont want much for your birthday do you BitterWallet!
  • Paul C.
    Well done to Dan, Tom and Joanna. Still think Joanna's was the best for the sheer detail and cohesiveness.
  • Marky M.
    @ Paul Coia Agreed.
  • DragonChris
    The winner is pretty class, it's simple but effective. 2nd place - I lol'ed when I saw that yesterday, just pure comedy :D Joanna's is excellent as well, and to be fair could have been joint first. Adam - RE Jackass, I thought that was a gem as well - Was very probably in the top 6, and would have been in my top 5 as well. Congrats to all - Now BW, send out the prizes! :D
  • Ian
  • Jeremy
    Congrats to everyone who entered, Extra to the winners! Johanna should have won! Robbed!
  • Wood B.
    Joanna should've won! Just for the time and effort it must have taken alone.
  • Nobby
    Fuck. That GM sausage has grown wings.
  • Nobby
    I thought Joanna Barrett-Smith's effort was good, until you realise all the details that have been left out. Where's the litter and dog shit? Clearly it is not the UK.
  • zax
    Congrats Dan
  • Andy D.
    The robbing barstards. They didn't even accept my wiki style card (or post it on flickr).
  • o'dreary
  • Emma
    Well done Dan, excellent win.
  • Alexis
    So poor Joanna gets the Next tablet???? Travesty!
  • Adam K.
    nless they send her the receipt for the tablet as it will definately be returned as faulty
  • Late
    Congrats to the three winners - some great work there! :D I do love Joanna's pic, and a fantastic amount of work looks to have gone into it - but I think Dan's picture is a deserving winner. Fairly simple, and fairly brilliant.
  • antony m.
    I agree, I think Joanna should get something more than a next tablet! Can Bitterwallet leave out the tablet and give her an iphone?! Maybe she can do some regular pieces for the bitterwallet site her deviantarts amazing!
  • Ravi
    I did NOT find the winning entries so extra special sorry.There were a lot better entries on the Flickr.What's so funny in the 2nd position entry ? Even though it's being claimed that they were chosen manually but still they look like they were dawn randomly.Could not find anything special in either of them.The last position entry should have won the first place among these three for the efforts. NONE OF THE WINNING ENTRIES DO LOOK LIKE A " SO CALLED " BIRTHDAY CARD WHICH WE WERE TOLD TO MAKE. I knew it's going to be rigged.Sorry but there's nothing like a " Birthday card " in any of those 3.They may be suited for other occasions but nobody will want to print them as their Birthday card. No offense winners but your entries don't deserve to win as there are quite a few other entries which should have won. Congrats anyways.
  • Em
    The 3rd place should have won! Joannas was clearly the winner by a long shot, it must have taken hours and packet in a lot, it really draws you in to try and find all the little details. Love the guy in the jumpsuit as well! I think wrapped up Bitterwallets year in one. The 2nd place entry, I agree, has very little appeal. The winner had a cool concept but i don't think it was particularly successful as a celebratory piece, the colours are dull and it's not very nice to look at, its boring after a few seconds. @Ravi, I think it was more about the actual front design than the 'format'. A birthday card format does not really suit the internet since it would just be a print-out template whole lot of white space (not ideal for posting on a blog) and not very pleasing to the eye. I think the 'picture' format works better in this case, which is why you won't see a whole load of 'real' cards posted over the net. That's what moonpig is for :)
  • Spankypants
    I won, hurrah! By 'won' I mean I won loads of my free time not wasted on designing a birthday card for BW.
  • scl
    nice one Dan - congrats! did you use a real machine ... or just the fonts. can you do us a 'special' expenses receipt? lol
  • Paul S.
    That's right Ravi - you didn't win, therefore it was rigged. Thanks for being such a good sport.

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