Snow White or Ho White? Who's best?

ho_white It’s Dinsey Day here on Bitterwallet as we celebrate the 86th anniversary of the day Roy Dinsey and his lesser-known brother Walter set up a company for the purpose of importing and exporting edible exotic rubber goods – later to move into the more lucrative and family-friendly world of cartoons and that.

But seediness has reared its vulgar head once more in the cute and cosy world of Roy Dinsey Inc, and they’ve expressed their displeasure at the use of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in an Australian ad for Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale drink.

See here… a scene of post-coital bliss as ‘Ho White’ enjoys a cigarette after presumably being serviced by her tiny friends.

Ad agency The Foundry, who are responsible for the ad, said there had been “A little bit of contact” with Roy Dinsey Inc, which is probably why the official campaign website has been hauled from the interweb. Roy Dinsey and his brother will almost certainly be revolving in their graves, clutching whichever document grants them the copyright of a fairy story that is almost 200 years old.

Weird. Anyway, this writer met the real Snow White in the flesh at World Of Dinsey, Florida a couple of months ago. Boys (and lesbians), let me tell you, she doesn't NEED to be slutted up by some half-arsed ad company. Her, or Mary Poppins. I think you know what I'm talking about boys (and lesbians.)


  • Que
  • chums
    did you hit it andy?
  • Emma
    Dinsey? spelling error I guess, but throughout the whole of it??!!
  • pauski
    grumpy, looks grumpy though.

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