Snow Leopard is available Friday? What about the UK, Apple?

The good new for Mac fans is that Apple's new operating system Snow Leopard will be available from this Friday...

At least, it will be if you're stateside. While the release is front page stuff on Apple's US site, nobody has bothered to update Apple's UK portal yet:

Seems to be rare announcement goof by the Apple team, since Snow Leopard is due to be available in the UK from Friday for just £25. Aces.


  • Robbie
    Go to the store to see it:
  • c m.
    wow way to advertise, fanboys tut
  • Andrew R.
    Don't forget you can get it for £7.95 if you ordered your Mac after 8th June.
  • Terry J.
    You can also upgrade if your system is in the system list. This I found after checking and ringing and they said it was ok.
  • dvdj
    I wonder what they're going to do when they run out of cat's? What's left? Lion, Couger.... Moggy?!
  • Alice C.
    dvdj, they'll start with the other animal members such as, OS X Beaver, Trout, Badger.
  • ElBuc
    OS X Pussy 10.9
  • dp
    So you're complaining about them a short delay in updating their website (which is now done)? BW fail.
  • spike5792
    £23.99 from Amazon

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