Snow forces supermarkets to cancel Scot's online shopping

Bitterwallet - Snow in ScotlandThe early winter blizzards barely left a sprinkling of now on softy Londoners, but dumped a metric fuckton of the stuff in Scotland. Those who managed to survive being trapped in their homes and cars by eating their own children now have bigger problems to face, namely all online shopping being suspended by the supermarkets.

Both Sainsbury's and Tesco have confirmed they have stopped taking orders online, with Tesco stating that any further orders could not be guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas. According to avid Bitterwallet reader Paul, 60,000 emails went out last Thursday alone to Scottish customers.

"This is due to the adverse weather conditions causing a build-up of orders," says the Tesco website. "However, if you have already placed an order we will do our very best to deliver your items as soon as possible."

Tesco's courier company currently has a two week backlog it is attempting to clear before Christmas day. Other online retailers are also struggling to make deliveries because of the adverse weather, including Amazon - although Scotland isn't necessarily their biggest issue right now.

Not that the Scots are huge fans of Amazon anyway - it's been reported that the retailer has been cutting short the shifts of night workers as they worked, stranding many of them at their Inverclyde warehouse, unpaid, until public transport resumed the following morning.


  • The B.
    Oh joy, I'm having an extension built and they've just knocked my kitchen into the extension rendering the boiler useless (without carbon monoxide poisoning as the flue's now indoors) until they plaster it all up and I can get the new boiler fitted (which because of the weather also hasn't turned up yet). Ice Lollies for Chrimbo dinner it looks like.
  • Rob
    Serves you right for calling it 'Chrimbo'
  • Steve
    I live in Central Scotland and have been waiting for DHL to deliver a parcel which was sent by Amazon on 23 November. DHL just say it is due to the weather. To be fair it has been terrible, but the snow has been and gone several times since the parcel was sent. The postman has delivered letters every day in the meantime. I suspect there are a lot of people in Scotland whose online shopping, with orders placed while the weather was too bad to get to the shops, are going to be left high and dry. If it is bad then it will be interesting to see what the overall effect will be on people's attitudes to online shopping.
  • PokeHerPete
    Its their own fault for being Scottish. Regards, Bitter Englishman
  • Steve
    @PokeHerPete It's mostly bitter English folk up here these days...
  • Nobby
    I didn't even realise that Tesco and Amazon sold crack. What else do the jocks spend our money on?

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