"Snow could fall on shoppers", claims Norwich newspaper

In our continuing series of desperate local newspaper stories/journalists who enjoy taking the piss out of their readers* (we're not sure which is the case here), we thumb the pages of the Norwich Evening News, where the weather is threatening the lives of Dereham residents. Obviously it's an issue unique to Norwich and one that never concerns building elsewhere in the country with a roof.

The last line leaves you wondering whether the reporter is genuinely an idiot or simply amusing themselves as a break from frenetic masturbating in the toilets:

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  • Nobby
    Although if this is above a path or doorway, then it is likely to be dangerous if it falls on someone. If the shop / owner of the building didn't put up a sign and it fell and injured someone, then they are likely to be sued. In fact, they will probably still be sued, even with the sign.
  • PokeHerPete
    Are they going to do a minute by minute update of this? Like when BBC did it about the Cumbria shootings?
  • TeflonMan
    "Keep checking this website to find out if and when it drops." Now I know Norfolk has this reputation of being just slightly dull - but if this is what passes for entertainment there ...
  • Si
    Why can't someone stick a broom out of that top window and knock the overhang down to make it safe FFS?
  • James D.
    If the snow has compacted and turned into ice then this really could do some damage as it falls.
  • Phil
    Si - That would be against health and safety!
  • bobbajob
    it might even kill a poor fox!
  • Si
    @Phil, don't think so, clearing a path and making it more icy and slippery is dodgy legal territory, but I think in this case a lack of action would be riskier. Just make sure no fuckers passing underneath when you do it, or if there is make sure they work for HMRC! ;)
  • me
    At least is recent news not crap from 3 years ago that our bitterwallet friends post very often! LOL
  • Martin
    I live near here and can confirm that it hasn't yet dropped. But there are news crews from 24 countries now camped outside it which is making it difficult to get home.
  • Zeddy
    http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Nl1/Newsroom/DG_191868 For all the ball-clackers on here who know best. You don't, e-Gov does, apparently.
  • zeddy
    That site's fucking magic. I've just applied for job seeker's allowance at a time that suited me. Shits won't give me any because I work! Bastard small print.
  • Boris
    Golly. Look at this set of 'dramatic pictures' of a bus infreno from the same newspaper. This Nawfork place seems too dangerous to live in. First fire and now ice. http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/dramatic_pictures_of_norwich_bus_blaze_1_742489
  • Boris
    Seriously BitterWallet - If you can't raise your level of exceitement to the same level as the Norwich Evening News24 (they must have 24 hour evenings) then I might be off. Anybody know if fix 'hunting' is popular in Norfuck.
  • Boris
    FOX 'hunting' ALthough; can you get a good fix in Knawwitch?
  • Fox T.
    I love foxes.
  • Avenue n.
    Anys news, the pressure is unbearable......
  • Avenue n.
    UPDATED: Snow on Dereham shop roof still hanging on The white mass, which captured readers on EDP24 earlier this week, has significantly reduced in size after large chunks relinquished hold of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill on the towns High Street. The snow came down in two separate avalanches when there was luckily no one standing underneath. A notice, put out on the pavements by the shops staff, had warned passersby to beware. The remaining lump of snow is stubbornly holding on in the corner. People who have spent days watching it from nearby shops and offices have almost given up hope of it ever falling. Original story published on EDP24 on Monday November 29: A menacing looking lump of snow on a shop roof in Dereham is giving shoppers cause for concern. As they negotiate the sludge-covered High Street, townsfolk are being warned of a large accumulation of snow above their heads. Staff at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill have put a notice on the pavement warning people to beware - over-hanging snow on roof. Keep checking this website to find out if and when it drops.

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