Smoking beach ban in Brighton?

cigarette Like having a smoke? Well, if you live in Brighton, you might not be able to light-up on the beach after plans were made to bring in a smoking ban, beside the sea.

The local authority is weighing-up whether or not to hold a consultation on a proposal (could this sentence get any more vague?) to make outdoor public spaces cig-free. Anti-smoking campaigners say that people should be able to sit on the beach without breathing in second-hand smoke... skin-cancer is enough to deal with, thank you very much.

This consultation could see all smoking banned in parks as well, if the 12-week consultation period is approved by Brighton and Hove City Council tomorrow.

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of health charity Action on Smoking and Health, reckons that this will be good for the environment, as well as everyone's health: "A growing number of local authorities and other organisations are exploring ways of providing more smoke-free public places in response to public demand."

"Football grounds and railway stations are already smoke-free, and increasingly children's play areas are going smoke-free too. Smoke-free beaches could provide a safe and pleasant environment, particularly for children, but also for adults who want to avoid exposure to second-hand smoke, as well as reducing the amount of cigarette butt litter on beaches which doesn't degrade quickly and is harmful to wildlife."

And, of course, from this October, smoking in cars that have children in them, will be banned in England too.


  • Argie
    Banning smoking may indeed be a good thing but I think people forget about the other pollution being created by the motor vehicle. A vehicle in which you hqve to use to get to the bloody beach. No one owns the air and no one will tell me to put a cigarette out
  • Shonk
    I can fully understand smoking being banned in restaurants, Pubs, indoor area's infact i agree with it but banning smoking in outdoor area's is just plain wrong all these pc idiots need to go persecute some other minority
  • Ana M.
    Ban it, please as soon as possible!!
  • shannon h.
    i used to be a smoker so i can see the point of view that theyve already taken indoors away how can they stop them smoking outside but also as a parent the last thing i want is my child to pick up a cigarette butt and stick it in his mouth. But if your going to ban smoking because of pollution you need to find away of stopping people eating on the beach too. which is going to be hard especially as during the summer thousands of people flock to the seaside and enjoy fish n chips/ cockles etc on the beach and they all dont put there litter in the bin. as for breathing in second hand smoke.........really ?? come on ... beaches are massive, sit somewhere else away from the smoker and if your disabled id like to think us smokers would have the common sense to stay away from you and children. all seems a bit drastic to me

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