Smokin' - the Sony roll-up display screen

Here’s a foxy little piece of technology for you to gawp at – a rollable OLED display from Sony that you can wrap around a pencil. Look - it's even more malleable than Samsung's unbreakable screen that we featured a while ago!

We’re buggered if we know what purpose it will serve and Sony aren’t saying anything, but it’s another giant stride away from Etch-A-Sketch… and that’s got to be a good thing.



  • kev
  • Klingelton
    Please stop posting you tube links, we can't watch them at work :(
  • PaulH
    So I'm gunna have Sony advertising their over-priced TVs to me via my pencil* *please no penis jokes
  • Steve c.
    Did you say Foxy?????????????????
  • Internet T.
    No references to foxes yet?
  • Internet T.
    I stand corrected
  • joanna
    That would be super in a cinema!!! Imagine if films were shot with the intention of putting you in the position of the character and you could glance behind you and to the side to see precisely what the character would see, like an alternate reality! now THATS something id pay to experience
  • Mr G.
    A good use for this would be a smartphone where you can unfurl a bigger display when you need it. Then your Android phone would quickly turn into a Android tablet. Cool!
  • shiftybadger
    WTF You neeed a huge machine to role and unroll your screen?
  • Gunn
    This is pretty cool stuff, could be good for a portable games console, sony could make a new psp with an expandable screen.
  • raptorcigs
    change your living room wallpaper everyday
  • zacspeed
    It's got fucking great lines all over it!

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