Smashed Apple stuff displayed as modern art

Here’s something for the handful of you among our readership that are haters of all things Apple. It’s an exhibition of some of the Cupertino-based technology concern’s finest gadgets that have been systematically destroyed by artist Michael Tompert.

Below, we can see a MacBook Air that has been shot with a 9mm Heckler & Koch handgun, an iPhone 4 that has been smashed to smithereens with a 8 lb Sledge Maul and a Magic Mouse cut to death by a handsaw.

So is it art, or just some chump fannying about like a tit? We welcome your thoughts....






  • Zippy
    I like it on two levels, because Apple stuff is overpriced overhyped tat and that someone has destroyed some and also because some tit has destroyed his overpriced tat.
  • Boris
    Don't piss him off Zippy - he looks like a good shot with that 9mm.
  • akiss
    Still looks shite.
  • akiss
    oh and cograts on pulling a "Apple Blog Hat Trick" out of the bag.
  • Rolly
    God I hate modern "art"
  • jo
    i like the second one, good composition.
  • Alabaster C.
    Yeah, I like the second one too. Love the colours on the smashed screen.
  • Salvador D.
    God I love modern "art"
  • zeddy
    "fannying about like a tit" Some folk pay good money to see that.
  • Steve
    At least this iphone has an excuse for not being able to run flash. All the others however ...
  • gleeme
    fucking dumbass, mordern art is not art. it's shitee
  • Hitlers p.
    Don't you just love people who get to decide what is art and what isn't. Know who else had that mindset? Hitler. Authoritarian shits.
  • Skinheed
    > Don’t you just love people who get to decide what is art and what isn’t. Yeah, Adolf, who'd you think you are having an opinion? I don't know or care whether this is art or not, they should shoot more iShite.
  • Skinheed
    They should shoot more iShite, I couldn't care less whether it's art or not
  • Darren
    EVENTUALLY, iShit put to good use!
  • Nobby
    I cannot believe no-one has posted about Ice T's Mac repair on this thread ...
  • Nobby
  • Hyun F.
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