Sky's Stephen Butterly is a one-man rainforest killing machine

Avid Bitterwallet reader Kevin is so avid, he borders on what we might consider a rabid Bitterwallet reader. The line of distinction is a fine one, so let's call Kevin an avidly rabid reader. Or a rabidly avid one. Whatever.

Kevin lives in an apartment block and already drinks from the demon cup of Murdoch, stumping up his monthly subs for Sky. This is apparently not enough for Sky, who seem hellbent in carpet bombing him into taking a second subscription, despite the fact he is already a paying customer.

It's not only irritating, it's destroying the plant, according to Kevin:

We've all seen ads for Sky TV's Rainforest Rescue, trying to raise money to save the rainforest. Unfortunately they don't seem to practice what they preach.

Since signing up to them, I've received FIVE letters from them, but not a bill, or a direct debit mandate or anything like that. Every time it's been a standardised letter, to tell me that Sky TV is available in my apartment block, and inviting me to sign up, for a service I already have.

Bitterwallet - letter from Sky

So they've wasted five envelopes and ten sheets of paper (a letter and a leaflet each time). How many customers are they doing this to? So much for the rainforest.

Stephen Butterly, are you aware your junk mail is destroying an area of rainforest the size of Wales every year? When you could just destroy Wales and have done with it? You brute.


  • Laurz
    This is hardly news is it? EVERY sky subscriber gets stupid letters and leaflets delivered offering them the service they already have. I've had sky about 7 years and I can honestly say I must have had close to 100 letters or leaflets offering me a service I already have with sky. I had Sky HD installed a couple of months ago and got 4 things from sky through the door (in seperate envelopes) on the same day. A welcome pack welcoming me to sky HD, a leaflet asking me if I wanted to take out sky HD, a letter telling me the benefits of signing up to sky sports and movies (Which I already do) and a letter asking if I wanted sky talk which i've got. I've written to complain and never received a reply. Perhaps BW could contact sky themselves and ask why customers are sent letters asking them to join sky when they are already subscribers, I think a lot of people would like to know the answer to that. ps, there are 3 people living in my house with 3 different surnames and none of us own the house yet I as the subscriber am the only one of the three of us who gets these letters
  • MiniEmma
    I get a similar number of mailings from Virgin Media, have done for years, my area is not cabled and will not be cabled in their current expansion program.
  • Milky
    The joy of not being with sky is that the sky magazine "you cannot unsubscribe to sky magazine" from numerous nazi regalia wearing (presumably) "customer service" people ..that's a fucking laugh!!! cancelling your contract (that's another laugh, they choose to fuck you over willy nilly despite a contract being a two way thing) the only way to stop the tide of bilge from sky, either through your TV or through your letterbox from them. the sky+ boxes use almost as much in standby as when on, so going on their adverts we could save a helluva lot more electricity (you pay for not them) if they were designed properly in the first instance... CUNTS.
  • Q
    Virgin Media get me too, though not a customer. I received their latest bombardment this morning having already phoned twice to have my details removed. 3rd time lucky...
  • Ed
    Oi, there are some ravidly abid BW readers in Wales!
  • Ianto C.
    WTF! Are you inciting the wanton decimation of our fair land by Sky subscribers now? If so then fuck off Smith you racist! (If not then no hard feelings and all the best for Wednesday's match)
  • Rain B.
    [...] Sky’s Stephen Butterly is a one-man rainforest killing machine | BitterWallet [...]

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