Skyrim enhanced beyond belief with My Little Pony mod

Skyrim is the game of the moment, but it’s an addictive, time-consuming affair, with hundreds of thousands of players reportedly ‘lost in the rimhole’ - or at least they would be if we hadn’t just made that phrase up.

But how can Skyrim be made more accessible for the younger, easily-scared gameplayer? Simple – just modify it and replace the dragons with My Little Ponys. Now is THAT an improvement or what?

The mods are only available for the PC version of the game and can be had from Skyrimnexus.


  • Sicknote
    I heard there were other games available on the XBOX; other that MW3 - they look shit
  • Fat S.
    Skyrim is shit, there's hardly any sky in it and absolutely no rimming.
  • Paddy
    My Little Pony is more scary than dragons in my opinion
  • Her D.
    This is lame, check out the Macho Man Randy Savage one..oooooh yeah!

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