Skype justifies the hype, traffic wallops traditional carriers

It's fair to say Skype is screwing the traditional telephone carriers. New figures suggest that while the recession has slowed the growth of international telephone traffic overall, Skype is blooming as more people discover how to call distant family and remote shagpieces over the internet for free.

Bitterwallet - Skype takes the fight to traditional carriers

Over the past 25 years, international call volume has typically grown at annual rate of 15 per cent. In the past two years, however, international telephone traffic annual growth has slowed to only eight per cent, growing from 376 billion minutes in 2008 to an estimated 406 billion minutes in 2009. Meanwhile Skype-to-Skype calls grew 51 per cent in 2008 and 63 per cent in 2009, to an estimated 54 billion minutes.

It means Skype is now accountable for 12 per cent of the entire international call volume, a 50 per cent increase on the previous year - calls that once would have generated billions in revenue for carriers are now making them sod-all. Newspapers, magazines, pornography, telecommunications - is there no industry the internet can't single-handedly destroy?

[Telegeography] via [TechCrunch]


  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Haha, pacman.
  • jones
    I don't know if I've just missed a figure somewhere, but since when is a 50% increase double? Surely in order to double traffic they would need a 100% increase...
  • Pedant
    I wonder how long it will be before the telecomms people start moaning as much as the Music and Film industry peeps.
  • Nobby
    What happens if the internet destroys ... the internet? I dread to think how many years I have to go back to when I had a whole week with no internet.
  • StevenA2000_uk
    I used to pay between £15-20 a month to VirginMedia for my landline rental and landline calls. I now pay £20 a year to Skype and I get unlimited minutes to landlines. I've been with Skype now for almost 2 years and intend to renew my subscription for a third year. One off charge of £20 and thats it, and I can use it on my mobile phone, ipod touch or my PC. Skype have invested a lot in dealing with the issues that nagged them for a long time from user complaints. Call quality is perhaps the biggest issue however in the last 12 months I've encountered call quality issues maybe once or twice and a simple dial back cured the problem. I've no doubt that if Skype got together with a damn good marketing company then they would take even more of the market share. Can only be good for the customers of the non-Skype carriers in putting pressure on those carriers to reduce costs and offer customers a better package at a more competitive price.
  • Paul S.
    Jones - that's an excellent point! [edit edit delete edit]

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