Skype gets a facelift at last

13 October 2014

Skype looks like it has finally had a facelift at last! A beta version of what they're all calling 'Skype 7' has been rolled out on Mac clients, and it's looking good.


Skype 7 has had a complete revamp, in a bid to make itself relevant once more.

One new development involves the sending of photos, which will now generate a thumbnail of the image automatically, and will also make more sense in the timeline of the encounter, rather than the image taking forever.

Additional improvements include shared PDF documents and Microsoft Office files will have their document icons displayed prominently.

However, the most groundbreaking design feature for the newest iteration of Skype is a split dual pane that will enable users to have a video chat pane directly alongside a chat box, no longer requiring users to switch from one to the other in the middle of a video chat as is standard operating feature in Skype 6; it’s likely that this inability to multitask is Skype 6’s most reviled feature among its wide user base.

That's all much better news for those of us who use Skype for international calls at least.

Thankfully, the new developments haven't hampered with Skype too much to the point that people are rioting, however it was more that it seemed to take forever to update.

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