Skype for iPhone coming this week Silverman has given the confirmation to Om Malik that the iPhone version of Skype will be released this week, with the blackberry version out in May. Even though iPhone apps like Fring have been around, Skype for iPhone will support conference calling, SkypeOut credit, and instant messaging between its users. Only downside? It'll be Wifi only. No support for 3G (yet).

But according to data from communications research firm TeleGeography, 8% of international call traffic in 2008 used VOIP based services, an increase of 41 percent from the previous year a year earlier. So we may be looking at a further increase in VOIP usage with this release.

Skype is now considered as the largest long distance company. Furthermore, according Telegeography, Skype’s cross-border traffic shot up to 33 billion minutes in 2008, up more than 40% from the year before. That includes about 25 billion minutes of free "Skype-to-Skype" traffic that travels only through internet pipelines and doesn't even go over the traditional telephone network. A little over 8 billion minutes are paid "Skype Out" calls that go from a user's computer to traditional telephones.

Skype is now also targetting businesses, and has released a beta version of its software that works on corporate telephone systems. Skype for SIP lets workers make calls using their regular office phones instead of having to plug a headset into a computer.

With Skype, ditching the landline is more likely with mobile phones that support 3G and wifi on the rise.   In fact, plenty of people are optimising their home phone lines with VOIP instead and dumping their regular phone companies, by wiring it up using a Skype server and save money. Andrew Sheppard shows how you too can build a Skype server for your home phone system.



  • Eshtal
    Fring Skype also works with Wifi only but it s very easy to trick it and use it over 3G .... the downside with fring was that u can not run it behind other applications ... hopefully Iphone Skype will solve this problem
  • John B.
    I found Truphone is another good VOIP option for my iphone and it works pretty well over 3G.
  • John S.
    The Skype app is up on the App Store now! Eshtal - it won't be able to work behind other applications until iPhone OS 3.0 (and it'll just be push notifications, which should work great).
  • Metronome
    Fring's call quality is rubbish, the official Skype app on the other hand is amazing and clear even if you are talking softly. However it crashes after 30 seconds which makes the thing unusable. Don't bother with it until they patch it.

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