Sky wants BT broadband competition inquiry

Bitterwallet - BT - featured Ever since BT Sport became a thing, Sky have been furious with their rival. The latest thing that has Sky's goat is the broadband market in Britain, and they'd like to see a competition inquiry into the whole thing, as they think that BT has an effective monopoly.

Sky said in their letter to Ofcom that they think that a history of under-investment in BT's infrastructure business, Openreach, had led to problems like faults in the network and long waiting times for new lines to be installed. Openreach operates and looks after the telecoms network in the UK.

Openreach have been accused of missing over 5,000 appointments each month to install new lines for its own customers, and failed to complete a further 4,000 jobs each month.

Sky think that these issues raised as sufficient for Ofcom, who themselves are doing their own review in the sector, to ask the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to conduct an inquiry into BT's Openreach division.

Another thing that has caused BT's rivals to chase after it, is the small matter of BT's plan to acquire EE - Sky and TalkTalk are not happy about that one bit. The companies have asked Ofcom to break up BT, wanting Openreach be spun off.

"We welcome evidence and analysis from all parties to help inform that work, and we will publish an update later in the summer," an Ofcom spokesperson said.

BT are trying to swat all this away and said Sky are engaged in "selective spin". "We acknowledge there is more to do on customer service but breaking up BT is not the answer," said a spokesperson. "It would lead to huge uncertainty and fundamentally undermine the case for future investment dragging the UK backwards at the very time it needs important investment in its infrastructure," they added.

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