Sky One is back on Virgin Media those of you on Virgin Media missing Sky One, you will be glad to hear that Sky and Virgin Media have struck a deal that will put Sky’s basic channels back on Virgin Media starting November 13.

The two companies has been involved in a contract dispute since March 2007.  Negotiations between the two companies were previously unsuccessful.  It became apparent that an agreement could not be reached when the Sky One broadcasts were replaced with a message alerting Virgin customers:

“Thanks to Sky, the Sky One channel is no longer available. They’ve picked up their ball and gone home. Foul play? We think so.”

Virgin accused Sky of unfairly hiking charges for its basic package and planned to sue Sky under competition rules in the High Court. A deal was reached before such measures had to be taken. Neil Berkett , Virgin Media CEO, says about the compromise, “I believe this agreement represents a fair deal and is the right thing for our customers. We recognise the quality and popularity of Sky’s channels and look forward to welcoming them back to Virgin Media’s TV service.”

The deal between Virgin and Sky will remain until June 2011.

[Times Online via The Scotsman]


  • decanem
    YEAH! does this mean even us with the basic virgin cable package will get this? what are the "basic sky channels" ?
  • Vince W.
    Hi decanem, The basic channels include Sky1, Sky News and Sky Sports News. The main show most people are talking about now that will return, is the hit drama Lost. About 3.5M households will gain back Sky1, making up about 1/3 of its previous viewers. Hope that helps.
  • Bulldog
    Thank god for that... just in time for the new season of 24 starting next year!! Whoohoo!!
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