Sky goes blu

blu ecig Electronic cigarette company Skycig is rebranding as Blu eCigs.

The company, which is the UK's leading electronic fag manufacturer, will change in May after it was bought by US company Lorillard - owners of the US brand Blu eCigs.

The rebrand also sees Skycig spending £20 million on marketing to transform its positioning, and will have a strong focus on 'lifestyle', which, by the looks of things, means making a logo that looks like someone tried to have a stab at the Blur symbol and got bored before they could finish.

The UK blu eCigs product line will essentially be the same as the current Skycig range, however, they'll now have rechargeable kits and disposable e-cigarettes.

Jacob Fuller, CEO & Founder, Skycig sez, "As the brand blu we will stand for pride, bringing e-cigarette users back into the social fold in a society where smokers have been marginalised for a long time. "

It shows a glimpse into an industry that no one can seem to agree on, with some pubs banning them, and the government undecided on whether they should be a medical thing (which would require proper testing and put the price up) or not. Also, companies have started advertising on television - something traditional cigarette brands have been unable to do for years.

Some people see e-cigs as a good way of cutting down or quitting the real smokes, and others hate them so much that they'd actively rather die of a smoking related disease than be seen with a robot cigarette. Either way, this rebranding shows that e-cigs are only going to be more in your face in 2014.

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