Sky buys Virgin Media's TV channels for £160 million

4 June 2010

Sky buys Virgin Media for £160 millionIt's been rumoured for a while but it's now official - Sky have paid £160 million for Virgin Media's television channels.

The channels bought by Sky include Bravo (aka "the Knight Rider channel"), Living TV ("Most Haunted 24/7") and Virgin 1 ("Next, a Chuck and Star Trek double-bill"). Sky will now get to sell advertising for the channels. Virgin Media doesn't lose out on the deal - their customers will receive Sky's HD channels.

Content from Sky’s basic and premium channels, including Sky1 and Sky Arts, will be available through Virgin Media's on-demand TV service.


  • zacspeed
  • james d.
    aww does this mean they are friends again
  • Klingelton
    w00t! i'm a happy bunny.
  • Gunn
    So does this mean Virgin will get Sky1 HD?
  • speedski
    For an incremental wholesale fee, Virgin Media will, for the first time, have the option of carrying any of Sky's basic HD channels, Sky Sports HD 1 and Sky Sports HD 2, and all Sky Movies HD channels.
  • Steve J.
    Does this not include challenge also?
  • The B.
    Haaahhhhhaaa, I get all of that media and more for free from the internets.
  • James D.
    Me too, and porn.
  • branson w.
    well let me be the first me and murdock are now best buddys and wait till you see next months bill mwahahahahahahahaha
  • Wonky H.
    I feel a moderation coming on.
  • ilovepink
    I tongue bossy scottish women
  • Wonky H.
    they are all pink and orange inside. Like a coral garden.
  • Mike H.
    Do people still watch TV? You sad fucks!
  • -]
    Wonder if sky make them wait until nagra3 is implemented nationwide, before allowing the HD chans on...
  • bodnet
    Virgin customers still lose out badly from this merger and NOPE I still haven't got TV on demand, you have to subscribe to this, useless TV company and rip off.

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