Sky billing policy invented by Johnny Ball - "Think of a number"

I'm rarely a fan of putting all my eggs in one basket. I'm not even a fan of eggs, to be honest. But a couple of months ago Sky offered to beat BT's line rental offer, give me free broadband, increase my virility etc, so I clumped together my satellite subscription, line rental and broadband into one affordable monthly sum.

I've never had a problem with Sky Broadband and I've never cared much for BT, so I checked the small print and signed up online. Go me. What I should have done is checked Sky had a GCSE in Maths, because my first had clearly been added up in the dark, while pissed on Lambrini:

The bill doesn't make a lick of sense; it actually adds up to £40.29, so it's out by £11.63. After quarter of an hour of talking Sky Customer Services through the fundamentals of mathematics, it emerged there was a "billing display error" that had affected "thousands of customers". The bill was seemingly correct, but it was failing to display a £10 charge that's part of the bill. That didn't make sense either - the bill wasn't out by £10, nor did it stack up if you included VAT. After more questioning, I was told the error would be fixed soon and the bill would be displayed properly.

If it's affecting thousands of other people, you might want to check yours - if you call Sky, let us know what excuse you're given and when it's likely to be fixed.


  • Bob
    Finally... a useful post!
  • Bob M.
  • Lumoruk
    "You cannot currently view bills for this account. Please try again later. If this problem persists, please contact Sky customer support." oh well
  • Lumoruk
    Looks good to me Sky Subscriptions £14.50 View Bill Details Transaction Duration Description Value 07/03/2009 - 06/04/2009 Sky+ Subscription £0.00 07/03/2009 - 06/04/2009 4 Pack £19.50 07/03/2009 - BB On-net monthly discount of #5 when any ST product exists on the acc £5.00 CR Subtotal £14.50 Sky Broadband £10.00 View Bill Details Transaction Duration Description Value 07/03/2009 - 07/04/2009 Broadband Mid £10.00 Subtotal £10.00 Sky Talk
  • Lumoruk
    Total Balance: £25.49
  • Shaune
    So you paid it anyway?, I would of told them where to stick it..!!
  • dacouch
    If you want to avoid the long wait on hold for Sky Customer Services press the "Zero" key on your key pad ten times when you are on hold and hey presto you are the next caller they answer. This is the cheat they programmed in for the Sky Engineers so they don't have to wait like new customers
  • Lee
    I have exactly the same problem with my latest bill, the individual items add up to less than the total. I opted for paperless billing, but my online bill doesnt add up! I had an pay per view movie on there for 3.99 from 2008 (this is on my sept 2009 bill!), they habe credited this back at least. But as regards the bill not 'totaling'customer services said they have different billing details on their screen to what i see on my online statememnt, their one adds up, They explain its becuase the line rental is not showing on my bill when it should.. The final response was basically a sorry but theres nothing they can do, the IT department may correct it, but they might not. Having found this page makes me think they should be aware of this problem and they should have fixed it! I want my bill to be correct, make sense, to flipping well add up! Surely they are obliged to correct my online bill, what are our rights I wonder!?

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