Skinner For A Tenner - A Tonic For These Troubled Times

Celebrities – what the hell do they care about the effing recession? Very little, or so we imagine, as they sit in their leather-clad superhomes, guzzling deep-fried panda’s toes, pleasuring themselves with elaborate diamond-studded love toys and ordering the deaths of those midget servants who have stumbled over the slightest word in the eight-minute mantra of devotion that they’re forced to recite to their sweating, self-important showbiz paymasters every hour, on the hour.

But there’s an exception, and that man is Frank Skinner. The Brummie comedy legend feels the pain of the common man in these alarming times and has announced five shows at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue with tickets priced at just £10 each.

The shows run every Monday from February 9 to March 9 and also include comedic good guys Al Murray, Dave Gorman, Chris Addison, Russell Howard and Richard Herring. There’ll even be non-funny guests Tara Palmer-Tonkatoy, Ian Broudie and Connie Fisher, who herself was once an Ordinary Person until Andrew Lloyd Webber anointed her with the juice of stardom.

As yet, we don’t know if you’ll have to prove poverty in order to get a ticket, although we expect if you attend the shows dressed in rags you’ll probably get a free ice cream. Speaking about the shows, Skinner said, “I’ll end up on less than I was on when I performed at the Comedy Store in the Eighties, but I think this is important.”

“Comedy is the best way to forget what’s going on in these dark, depressing days, but it costs about £30 to watch a big name in the famous venues so I’ll do it at an affordable price. Hopefully it will spread to other cities.” Tickets go on sale on Monday.

Eee, isn’t it beautiful? Just like the miner’s strike all over again. We're not ashamed to admit that we've gone a little hot behind the eyes.


  • Dave P.
    I went through a phase of cringing at anything Frank Skinner did... but recently hes (quite literally) got his act together. Very funny bloke.
  • Mike H.
    I'd rather spend £10 on those grabber machines down th'arcade than see this twat, even if I didn't get the fluffy bunny, I'd still leave happier than I would from one of Skinners shows.
  • The B.
    I'd happily pay him a tenner if he'd feck off and never come back.
  • Dave T.
    Frank Skinner - £10 - Bargain!!
  • Ducky
    It is other comedians too. Wish I'd spotted this sooner so that I could buy some decent seats. Only balconies left now so I'm a bit reluctant.

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