Ski retailer careers down slope of bad taste

Ski Warehouse, an online retailer for snow sport equipment, issued a press release late last week. Nothing wrong with that. The communiqué announced the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson, following a head injury sustained while skiing. Fair enough, we can see the link.

It then went on to say, “We hope this doesn't discourage future skiers from participating in this exciting and invigorating sport."

"Injury rates on the slopes have been decreasing over the years & the overall injury risk is about 0.2 - 0.4%. We, as a company, strongly recommend the wearing of ski helmets by children and adults, in light of this and other recent tragedies."

"To encourage the wearing of ski helmets, we have reduced the prices of both kids & adults ski helmets and are offering FREE POSTAGE on all ski helmets. Our full range of ski helmets can be viewed by clicking here.”

Oh dear. Oh very, very dear.

[Thanks to BW reader Dan]


  • Lumoruk
    Sweet bagged me a bargain! and free postage too!
  • acecatcher3
    skiing was probably the best holiday ive ever been on!
  • -=Mike H.
    What's up with cashing in on the death of famously related people?
  • Craig
    Don't see what the problem is, it's not as if Liam's gonna be looking on their site for new gear.
  • non s.
    What exactly is the problem? Someone died of a skiing accident so they reduce the price of safety gear. Seems like a good idea to me.
  • Will
    Surley if more people wear helmuts as a result of the accident then at least thats one good thing to come out of the accident and might help save people in the future. So making the Helmuts cheaper will also increase the likley hood of people buying helmuts.
  • acecatcher3
    andy can this be the next abandoned trolley please its a cracking pic
  • Dan
    First off Will, please learn how to spell.. It's highly annoying. I dont see a problem with this, decreasing the price of safety gear will increase the sale's of it, which means more people ski'ing safely. I dont ski much but i know there are alot of danger's while ski'ing. So everyone please wear a 'HELMUT' urggg >.<
  • speedski
    errr - me, like others can't see the problem with this... can I have my 2 minutes of my life back that I spent reading this 'news' please
  • master_chief
    First off Dan, learn to use grammar and punctuation correctly... it's highly annoying!!! Andy Dawson: You seem to be making something out of nothing with this story. What exactly is the issue with them highlighting safety equipment that can prevent serious injuries?
  • bod
    Move along please, nothing of interest here.
  • Andy D.
    I'm obviously completely out of step with everyone else in the whole world on this one. It strikes me that the company are exploiting the tragic death of the actress by issuing a big, crass 'LOOK AT US' press release, aimed solely at raking in extra cash for themselves. Would it be okay if a florists round the corner from Jade Goody's house put up a sign that read, "Get Your Jade Bouquets Here - 20% Off Until They Bury Her!"? Would it? Eh??
  • acecatcher3
    altho both women are dead, that was an awful comparison andy, i see what ur sayin, i dont agree tho, think its a good idea tbh. btw can u unblock my hotmail address from bitterwallet please, and cud u use that pic of the trolley, its quality.
  • Andy D.
    I don't know fuck all about your hotmail -what are you talking about?
  • master_chief
    Andy, Andy, Andy - worst analogy in the world. Flowers don't save lives, helmets do. If this company can save even a single life by 'exploiting' this incident then so be it.
  • mark
    well the difference is a flowers are unlikely to save someones life. I assume it is distasteful because they mention they sell the helmets, instead of just recommending people use them? But then they are a store so it makes sense they would tell their customers that they sell them. I think it is in more questionable taste rather than being in distaste.
  • Andy D.
    Yes, of course helmets save lives, but I've highlighted the crass, grabbing way that the company have gone about promoting the fact, and more importantly, themselves. I'm talking about the 'Skiers & Boarders!' headline, the capitalisation of 'FREE POSTAGE' further down in the release and the general layout of the press release that makes it look more like an ad.
  • acecatcher3
    o right well if i type in my actual email address and make a comment, it doesnt come thru?? so i put my mail as my mates email address atm.....maybe thats something i need to talk to paul nikkel about. nevermind...get onto the trolley pic tho,
  • Andy D.
    Maybe you shouldn't have made a string of knobhead comments from that (now moderated) Hotmail address when you jumped over here after being banned from HUKD. That's probably what's behind it all.
  • master_chief
    Andy: As somebody mentioned above, it's more of questionable taste rather than bad taste. The point is you chose to show the press release in a negative manner. There's no balance to your article here. Try and look at it from the point of view of Ski retailers. The global economic downturn is already putting a financial strain on it, the news last week of a celebrity's death on the slopes won't have done the industry any good either. They're just trying to alert people that these incidents are avoidable with safety equipment that they sell. Some people don't even know skiers and boarders wear helmets at all.
  • Andy D.
    Of course there's no balance - it's a blog! Are you new here?
  • master_chief
    ahh, so blog = excuse for poor writing.
  • acecatcher3
    yeye i understand why it was moderated andy, just asking if it cud be unmoderated please, it really doesnt make a difference does it except i am using a friends email add at the moment. anyway lets e-handshake and make up/love......maybe whilst wearing skiing helmets??
  • Andy D.
    @acecatcher - i'll have a word with paul n cos you've been lovely lately ;-) @master_chief - ha ha - that's really good. more please.
  • acecatcher3
  • Lumoruk
    Did they pay you for the full page ad andy?
  • Martin
    Surely the analogy with Jade is "Come and get your smear tests, it might save your life". Everyone seems to be banging on about how Jade has saved thousands of lives by dying, and so using her for publicity for getting smear tests.
  • Rich
    Andy, get a grip.
  • Tom
    I think its a good idea. If you didn't like it why did you just advertise their site to maybe 1000 new potential customers? (At least one of which has already made a purchase from them).
  • Dan
    I agree bad PR, looks like they want to bag money from someone's death, obviously the owners are fairly thick.
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