Sketched Primark Chief Executive about to turn over a new leaf

Remember back in July when we broke the news that Primark’s chief executive, Arthur Ryan, a drawing of a man, had announced he was leaving the company? Here’s a reminder…


Now Retail Week have revealed that Arthur will depart from Primark this weekend.

Picture 56

We expect that a corporate management-erasing team will move in and carefully rub out Arthur’s picture in time for the new man to take over. His replacement, Paul Marchant, is made out of a toilet roll tube with a lolly stick glued to one end. Marchant wears a smart sailor's uniform made from tissue paper and has string for hair. Possibly.


  • jimbaxter
    point of this is?
  • Paul N.
    Mostly to make fun of the drawing they had for a CEO.
  • cheapskate
    What's he in court for?
  • Sketched B.
    [...] decades now, Bitterwallet have speculated over the status of Primark’s so-called founder, ‘Arthur Ryan.’ To our knowledge the man has only ever [...]

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