Sketched Primark chief breaks rank and appears in real life!

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 10.04.30 For decades now, Bitterwallet have speculated over the status of Primark’s so-called founder, ‘Arthur Ryan.’ To our knowledge the man has only ever appeared in the form of a crude pencil drawing, leading us to wonder if he’s really real or just some made up frontman like Captain Birds Eye.

But no! He is real, and lives and breathes. He is skin, bone, organs, tissue and sinewy muscle. Amazingly, Arthur has emerged from his make-believe world this week to collect a major prize at some retail awards ceremony.

And, as we expected, he’s a bit weird and a bit boring….


  • The L.
    I grew up in Northern Ireland where Primark began and you'd be teased merciessly at school if you and your 'ma' had been spotted shopping in Primark. Questerions such as 'When did your da lose his job then?' It is uncomprehensible to me why is is suddenly so 'fashionable'. The clothes look as cheap, saggy and badly cut as they ever did, even if the designs are a bit less middle-aged now. I once deigned to buy a pair of socks from the one in Oxford thinking - what could go wrong with a pair of socks? They did not last the first wash.
  • The L.
    By the way your coment box is so small and faint, it is hard to see to spell properly. Suffice to say that if I were the owner/inventor of Primark, I'd keep a low profile too!
  • Chris
    As above - if any of your friends at school caught wind of you being anywhere near a Primark, the bullying would be merciless lol. "What's your address? 25 'No hot ashes'? LOLOLOL" Remember the old days? :p Red hands of Ulster all round!
  • LD
    God thatJeremy Vine gets EVERYWHERE. Does he not earn enough from the beeb????? Or have a home to go too?
  • Jack
    Who the hell ran this?! Poor presentation of slides, and appalling catalogue of songs used! I actually don't mind one or two of the songs, but very very dated!
  • MickeyB
    Every single person in that video was completely devoid of charisma. God bless the retail industry, keeping the dullest of graduates off the dole since 1904.
  • Nobby
    Primark is cool because it is cheap, and they have rather poor policies when it comes to child workers, so anyone buying stuff is showing their hatred for political correctness.

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