Siftables - the future of education and computing?

The likes of the iPhone and Microsoft Surface are beginning to change the way we interact with computers; no longer is there a need to sit hunched over a keyboard with our special sock.

Siftables take this physical interaction one step further, breaking computers up into tiny pieces and then re-arranging different pieces to create different functions. Stick with the video: it's a curious and exciting peek into how we might organise and share information in the future:



  • Amanda H.
    smells a bit cube world to me.
  • Tesco B.
    [...] has finally officially launched its widely anticipated tabletop ’siftable’ PCs, The Microsoft Surface, now in the UK after a 2 year wait. And hopefully this time, they will [...]
  • The B.
    [...] version comes with a magic button that even has an in-built spellchecker, while Paul simply gestures in the air and words appear on the screen. Oh, wait, he was just stretching. [...]

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