Shopping centre chiefs now encouraging terrorism thanks to Facebook

_55940313_chris_white_daughter The world just got a little scarier. There has been a further development in the story where a security guard had (correctly) stopped a ‘father’ from photographing his ‘child’ with his mobile phone in the Braehead shopping centre near Glasgow. As you may recall, the act of photography was a breach of Braehead law, and when police were called, it was revealed that the ‘father’ could actually have had his mobile confiscated under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Now Capital Shopping Centres, who own Braehead and 10 other similar retail Xanadus around the land, say that customers WILL be able to take photographs in all of their locations. This appears to follow the appearance of a Facebok page, named ‘Boycott Braehead’, which gained about 20,000 ‘likes’, no doubt all from blood-thirsty fundamentalists.

Staff at the centres will no longer try to prevent families and friends from taking snaps of each other, although security guards will still be told to approach anyone acting suspiciously. We hope that covers four-year-olds who are eating ice creams (see picture). You can never be too careful.


  • simon
    that security guard should be sacked for being an fucking idiot
  • warwick h.
    I was stopped by the police on North Shields Tyneside Metro station which is being demolished and replaced with a new building, my heinous crime was taking a photograph of the half demolished station for posterity, I argued my case that there were no signs prohibiting photography, their response was if I continued to argue I would be arrested, they could not quote under what law I would be arrested. I complained to Metro and was informed by letter that photography is forbidden on the Metro sysytem, I queried why no signs and got the usual waffle, they wont put signs up as they know what the effect will be with the public. Photography, in case you were not aware is prohibited on all railway and underground stations and properties, all airports and properties, within port areas etc etc, these restrictions were all slipped quietly into place under the prevention of terrorism act. I did say to the two thick plods " Now that this system is German run maybe you should have Gestapo or Stasi on your vest instead of police. I hate the bastards.
  • Ian
    Yet go over to Kings Cross and they have platform 9 3/4s where you get all manner of children and more worryingly fully grown adults taking photos all day long.....
  • Haggis
    OMFG is dis real? Now the terrorists can take pictures anywhere they want?!
  • The O.
    Pah! You fools of the decadent west! I have trained my glorious warriors to paint targets in watercolour or sketch in soft charcoal to get around your pesky laws. Many of my finest operatives are fully qualified from the Rolf Harris Academy (one of the finest institutions I have heard) and are already working on fine interpretations of your vital facilities. Soon we shall destroy your Houses of Commons in spite of its warm sandstone hues. The world shall hear of me again (after I have finished with all of these virgins - I was right all along)! Oh, … almost forgot “Death to America”

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