Shop name of the day...



[via @LaurenLayfield]


  • Wonky
    Computer repairs ?
  • Trolly D.
    Yes Wonky, you can find them at the "back of the net" A-ha!
  • Redders
    ha ha I know where this shop is, used to live near it.
  • Shinkyshonky
    kiss my arse...A-ha
  • Dick
    Return your empty cartridges .... Cashback!
  • ALAN
    What's wrong with my shop name. People have name like dick , cunt, digger etc Thanks for promotion though
  • Tweedskin
    Jurassic Park!
  • Jamlid
    Does DAN! DAN! DAN! work there?
  • Wonky
    Cartridge Cunts sounds a great name for a shop
  • peter
    i dont get it?

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