Shoeboxed and Evernote: The paperless receipt organisation system’s a better way to organize receipts and notes than stuffing them into a carrier bag and forgetting their existence, thanks to some nifty online apps. The recent partnership between Shoeboxed and Evernote brings this to a whole new level.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the text recognition system of Evernote, the awesome note-taking free app. You simply snap photos of your receipts and import them into the program, and your receipts become indexed as searchable text. You can get other content to Evernote by using a desktop app, over the web, by taking a picture with your camera phone or webcam (Evernote will even recognize the text in the photo!), by copying and pasting, dragging and dropping, emailing, or scanning them yourself.

Shoeboxed, an online app, scans your receipts, automatically categorizes them, and makes them sortable by store name, date, and total. It also allows your Shoeboxed data to be sent to Evernote, where it can be accessed from the Internet or from your iPhone or iPod Touch. So if you need the name of the place you took a client who had that apricot-mango martini-thing and you remember that it cost £62, you can find it much quicker than you would by pawing through a pile of receipts. This also means you can have not only your business receipts, but also your conference notes, newly-acquired business cards, and unfortunate phone pictures of karaoke night stored in one handy site on the Internet for all eternity. Shoebox even gives you statistics on your spending, if you’re feeling especially adventurous.

Only problem is, for now, being outside of the U.S., you will have to mail in receipts yourself, without the benefit of the prepaid envelopes the Americans get. But it still works the same. You mail in your receipts and business cards. Shoeboxed scans them and organizes them. Afterwards, you can send the electronic versions of your receipts to Quickbooks, Excel, and now, Evernote. The Shoeboxed FAQ section says that as a new start-up, they are not yet able to handle all the different international mail and pricing systems. If you sign up for a “Receipt Mail-In Lite” account, you mail in your receipts, they scan them, upload them, shred them, and recycle them.

[Shoeboxed and Evernote]


  • Mike H.
    ...and use your details and buying habits to sell for marketing purposes? Sounds great...
  • Darren W.
    but does that mean you could use it for returning items to a store? just whip out your iphone and show them the scanned version? surely you need the original receipt? and doesnt your bank statement just do this?
  • The B.
    My eyebrows were slowly raising at you naivety whilst I was reading the article, did you read the T&C's? Is Mike correct?
  • Callum
    Although I'm sure many will accept it as proof, a bank statement is a terrible proof if you think of it, all it shows is how much you spent, not that you bought the specific item.
  • Scott G.
    Dependent on which shop you are in, a bank statement can be the best form of proof outside of an original receipt. I know it is on our systems in comet. It allows me to search for the original receipt by date and item SKU, therefore narrowing down the possibilities available! Fantastically helpful for me, however Primark may differ!
  • Rosalie S.
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