Shimmy's two-way mirror closes club down


Remember our piece on The Shimmy club in Glasgow where you could spy on girls in the toilets? Well, it has been closed down by the city's licensing board.

Councillors shooed away pleas from the nightclub's owners, G1 Group, and ordered them to close the club for 7 days after they ruled that the two-way mirror put teenage girls at risk (the club holds an under-18s disco) and that the club risked "predatory behaviour" by drunk customers.

The club has now been ordered to remove the two-way mirror and all staff must now go through equality training or have their license taken away.

The report to the board stated: "In the view of Licensing Standards, the facilitation of such conduct was inappropriate in an environment where alcohol is consumed and had the potential to cause undue public nuisance in the form or inappropriate or predatory behaviour, including the female patrons being objectified by other patrons under the influence of alcohol."

"Any female children within the toilet area would have been capable of being viewed by patrons in the private booth and the adjacent bar area, without their knowledge or consent, or that of their parent/guardian."

The club is still under investigation by Police Scotland too.

Malcolm Cunning, the board's chairman, said councillors were concerned about the company's attitudes and ethos: "It seems that the attitude is that 'it's okay, it's still enough of a laugh to get away with it and we regret getting caught – we don't regret the original decision'."

There's further trouble with complaints about attitudes to people with disabilities at G1's Polo Lounge too, according to a recent article where one patron said: "Denied entry to Polo Lounge BECAUSE we are disabled. They sent two police vans to remove us. Their bouncer carried me out and left Robert crawling around the floor".

The G1 Group seem like a nice bunch don't they?


  • Nelmer
    So what if they have been denied entry. Is it any different to be told 'there's too many lad's'?
  • chewbacca
    ^"lad's"? You fucking moron.
  • Yubbs B.
    @ Nelmer, what a plonker you are!
  • Chewbie
    Culdnt even see no flange in the miror
  • Yog S.
    Nelmer you dick, you've made it possible for people to agree with Chewbacca. I fully expect you to fuck off so that normal service can resume. Go on.
  • duck
    Perhaps Nelmer is Golumsis? Even my mobile is correcting Nelmer to helmet.
  • Kevin
    'They sent two police vans to remove us' So the police had a problem with people with disabilities or they were dealing with the illegal behaviour of the people mentioned? The police don't get called if there's not a problem.
  • Chewbacca
    Thanks to Nelmer for making this so easy! @Bog R Many, many, many people agree with me. Just not immigrants, benefits scum and retards (real and apparent). Anyway, the Polo Lounge is a poof's club. One would imagine that if the fannies quoted got a knockback, it was presumably because their disability was that their arses were sewn up. The fucking morons.
  • Veronica L.
    Damn Scotland!!! How long did they have the two way mirror running for?

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