Shazam! New Spotify feature really is a marvel

Bitterwallet - Shazam!Now it's starting to get interesting. Digital musicmeisters Shazam and Spotify have announced that Spotify will be integrated in Shazam's apps on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

Users of Shazam will be able to tag an unknown song through their app as usual, and then access the Spotify app directly through a new ‘Play in Spotify’ feature, where the tagged track will be played in full and can be added to a user's playlists (users still have to be Spotify Premium customers to access Spotify on mobile devices).

It feels like a decision based on observed usage of the two services; plenty of people who use Shazam regularly sit down at their desktop version of Spotify to add their newly discovered tracks. The new innovation means everything can be done efficiently through one platform - the Spotify Premium app automatically syncs with the desktop version, meaning all the new music you find through Shazam on-the-go can be waiting for you on your PC or laptop.

Great for music lovers, but there's still the ongoing issue of tracks been routinely pulled from Spotify (although Spotify and the record labels point the finger at one another over who's to blame). And it'd be interesting to know the nuts and bolts of this deal; presumably it'll damage impulse purchases from iTunes via Shazam.

Spotify may be compensating Shazam for the pennies in affilitate payments they'll lost out on, but the bigger loser might be Apple. And it proably won't be small change, either - as of last summer, Spotify had over 75 million active users.

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