Settle - Where The Good People Are

As you might have noticed, here at Bitterwallet, we’re not exactly lacking when it comes to curmudgeonly cynicism. No, seriously, you should come to one of our weekly vinegar-drinking meetings that give us our power.

But, underneath it all lies an abiding faith in humanity, a deep-rooted belief that greed doesn’t have to come before everything else. Unless we’re fighting over the last bottle of vinegar.

This story has warmed the cockles of our heartstrings and reinvigorated us as we head into 2009. It’s about Tom Algie, the proprietor of the Practically Everything store in Settle, North Yorkshire.

Tom fancied the day off on Boxing Day, but didn’t want to disappoint any loyal customers who might need to make an emergency purchase. So he built an honesty box out of a funnel and plastic cereal box, left the shop door open and went home to spend time with his family.

Magnificently, Tom’s trust and faith in his fellow Settler was rewarded – he took £187.66 and two euros, and shoppers left notes to tell him what they’d bought.

Our favourite has to be "Thanks Tom. This is why we moved to Settle. This shop would have been cleaned out in two and a half minutes in Bolton."

Ah, bless.


  • Steff
  • Craig
    I know some poeple from Settle, wouldn;t exactly call them "good"!!
  • Dan
    Retard or Very trusting man? you decide
  • Jason
    I think we can predict where some of the members of Hot UK Deals will be spending their next boxing day. Spending being the inoperative word.
  • N E.
    Lovely story, not to sound bitter but hopefully he did do some kind of stock check before and after the "ordeal." Dugg!
  • well w.
    as a general note who would you prefer to buy of. one of the superstores or this person. I only wish more people used their local store rather than goto tescos or b and q. This person give 100% top quality service (i guess) but most of us has left him to shop else where. I always try to shop local and support these shops. Their usually more helpful and the one where i live is actually cheaper than b and q most of the time but gullible shoppers have been left to believe that big companies offer better deals since they bulk buy. This is often not the case as their their to rip you off as much as they can get away with. Although he has to pay more for his goods he also most probably has minimal staff (if any) and lower overheads. Use them or loose them.
  • Craig
    I also prefer to shop local, but in my town there isn't a massive selection of shops. For example, the hardware store closed down some years ago, it was run by a friends father who retired and it was replaced by a tanning salon!! So I'm afraid I have to shop at B&Q!
  • Ratboy
    I'm gonna cruz dwn 2 setL n me corsa nxt boxing dy andclean dis craZ f%l ot
  • andy y.
    Practically everything will be stolen
  • chrisg
    Fair play to him - he did sound a bit naive on the radio earlier.
  • David L.
    Settle's that type of place. Good on him.
  • Mac P.
    Settle is one of those quaint little villages where honest people live - despite what you here in the news there are still many of these places about.
  • Pete
    @well well - 100% top quality service? I was in there on boxing day trying to buy a new broom handle and couldn't find a f**king shop assistant anywhere :-)
  • Tom
    Love it!

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