Setting photography back 30 years

Hooray! Another pointless computer application that'll have you wasting away your precious leisure time! Poladroid is a natty bit of software that turns your photos into genuinely poor Polaroid reproductions. While the point of Polaroid cameras may well be lost on a generation born into the digital age, there are those of us who were transfixed by their three minute developing time and strangely tarred appearance.

The other, slightly more serious point to this, is that Poladroid serves a timely reminder that the days of Polaroid are all but gone; stocks of film for the camera have been dwindling away since production halted earlier this year. Still, don't be too melancholy, because now you can pretend you were at that swingers party in Barnsley circa 1977. If you weren't there the first time round, that is.


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    Great blog! I Will subscribe to your feed. Im trying to bulk up but reading all i can in the meantime.

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