Selfridges Santa Sacked For Being his 'Innocent Usual Self' Claus was sacked from the grotto at Selfridges in London for being 'too friendly' with the customers.  The Father Christmas in question, a 32 33 year old Candian actor named Andrew Mondia, was apparently asking if customers wanted to sit in his lap, despite being warned during training not to let anyone do so, because it violates company policy. But in a Bitterwallet exclusive, Mr. Mondia told us, 'no warnings by elfs or supervisors nor was told we couldn’t ask.' (Read his comments below.)

Unfortunately, Mr. Mondia offered his lap to an elderly woman, who, according to Mr. Mondia, subsequently complained to staff on the grounds of religion.  Mr. Mondia was expecting a paycheck of about £2,500 over the festive season, but was asked to leave after the incident.  A Selfridges spokesman said: "Unfortunately, this particular Santa didn't behave in line with his training or the standards we've set so we acted swiftly and asked him to leave."

"I had no intention of offending her," Mr. Mondia told The Guardian afterwards, saying that his one day training was rushed, "I just wanted to include her in the moment. Christmas is for adults too... I was just being my innocent usual self... I couldn't believe I've been sacked for being too friendly."  We believe you, Santa, you were just being a nice guy.  But clearly the granny in question thought that you were being a pervert!

Mr. Mondia's previous acting gigs include posing as a box of Nesquik bunny, and a Blackberry pearl mobile phone.

What do you guys think? Is this "Sacked Santa" political correctness gone mad in the modern day, or a legitimate response on Selfridges' part?



  • Andrew
    Before doling out advice I would ask further to what was written as not all you are writing is true to form.
  • Vince V.
    Hi Andrew, thank you for your comments! We would love to hear both sides of the story, so please share with us what really happened as a Bitterwallet exclusive! We will amend to include your side in the story. Thanks!
  • Andrew
    Actually for the most part it is true but some details for legal reason had to be left out as I was the one who approached the newspaper and as I didn't get in writing what was said to me they had to write in that way. First off minor glitches said about my age and Nesquik box.. It was Nesquik Bunny and am 33. I was sacked but the reason I was told was Muslim elderly lady complained after I asked her if she would like to sit on my lap. I had no idea she was Muslim this lady. Before then no warnings was giving by elfs or supervisors nor was told we couldn't ask Adults if they wanted to sit on my lap. Only caution was dealing with the kids. In the briefing they sent out nothing was said about do and don't s.
  • B A.
    Elderly lady and Selfridges clearly short of sense of humour and seasonal good will! OK, they didn't think the poor bloke PC. Over reaction to say the least

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