Selfridges opens in Glasgow, likely to get chilly reception

It's a brave high street retailer that chooses to expand in a recession, but Selfridges are clearly looking to take advantage of the Christmas market by opening their latest store in Glasgow. Furthermore, they've decided to embrace their brand name and specialise in a particular line of white goods. Always thinking outside the (ice) box, that's Sel(l)fridges:

Bitterwallet - Selfridges in Glasgow

Disappointingly, Sellfridges have already confused their own position in the market by selling washing machines and cookers. Idiots. We've already opened a book on when court action will force a swift name change and subsequent coverage in The Sun. Send thick brown envelopes of used non-sequential notes to the usual address to take part.

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader John


  • My P.
    haha thats a quality name but!
  • Bullet
    Quality man, Yaaaassssssss.
  • Laurz
    Thats not in Glasgow, its not even in Scotland. It's in Stoke Newington
  • crofter
    Yeah the one in Stoke Newington was the original but there is a nationwide franchise starting up so this is the Deluxe Glasgow Branch ... watch our Currys & Comet - Sellfridges are after you.
  • al
    Wow, there's on in Cardiff too. Must be a chain...
  • al
  • Haleema
  • Stuck B.
    [...] spotted another store front to add to our ever-growing list which now includes Singhsbury’s, Sellfridges and Michaelsoft [...]

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