Season's greetings and that...

merry christmas


  • zxdc
    Holy fuck.
    Fuck you too andy. Merry Fucking Christmas from all at TVDBP Trolling Services.
  • andy y.
    what does that photo remind me of brasseye? thanks for an entertaining year
  • Plopp
    Is that Freddie Starr at the bottom?
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Merry Xmas [ugly fuckers], except for that chick with the glasses, she is well SEXY.
    No its Paul Nickell at the top with his wife, the press officer from cDiscount to the left, Andy to the right and little Paul Smith at the front.
  • Jesus b.
    What a bunch of fuck puppets
  • Sky O.
    My eyes... My beautiful eyes... Why couldn't you have just posted a photo of a giraffe outside a Travelodge or something?! Thank you for a very good bloggy year, it's been fun. All the best for 2010.
  • Axeman
    Huzzah! Merry Chrimblemas to the lot of ya! Cheers for the constant entertainment, and long may it continue!
  • dacouch
    Shaun Ryder is looking rough now days
  • Late
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!
  • Warwick H.
    I love this site.
  • zeddy the blonde bird, Reece Shearsmith in disguise?
  • Steven
    You guys rox my inbox. Thanking you for much amusement, and Apple promotion. After reading your blog, I bought an iPhone, macbook pro, ipod nano and turned my PC into a mother-fucking Hackintosh. It fucks mothers too. Awesome. Yeah, happy new year too.
  • Jack
    Thanks for another year of amusment, keep it up!!
  • Jack
    Oh and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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