Scumbag trader NOT exposed as sneaky hoaxer - he's actually real

Yesterday morning, viewers of BBC News were stunned to see an interview with a financial trader called Alessio Rastani, who gloated about how he has been dreaming of a recession for the past three years, while telling us that it is Goldman Sachs who rule the world as opposed to governments. Rastani is a weapons-grade dickhead who exists only to profit from the misery of others. Look…

EDIT: Ignore all the stuff underneath - THAT'S the real hoax. Here's an interview with the genuinely terrifying Rastani, from Forbes magazine. We don't know what to believe any more...

Fortunately, Rastani is a fictional character, the work of Andy Bichlbaum, one of The Yes Men, a group of about 300 pranksters who say they are in the business of “impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them. Our targets are leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else.”

Here’s more from Andy…

It’s a great stunt and was brilliantly executed, but how much of what ‘Rastani’ came out with was overblown nonsense? Probably none of it – it isn’t that hard to believe that there are traders out there who are licking their lips at the prospect that there’s big money to be made out of the financial meltdown. What a shower of bastards…


  • Sgt R.
    Uhh... I would be pretty confident that these two are not the same person.
  • No M.
    Not a hoax. Robert Peston tweeted that the guy is a genuine trader.
  • Matt
    Andy, you got any proof that this was a prank? There's nothing on the Yes Men site that says they take credit for this stunt. In fact, the last stunt they posted anything about was October 2010, and the latest Yes Lab project was on the 12th September... Seems a bit strange that you guys would out a prank that the actual, accused pranksters wouldn't out themselves? Do you actually work for Goldman Sachs or summink?
  • Ruby
    I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who doesn't see all Italianate/Mediterranean men as looking all the same, that Alessio Rastani is not Andy Bichlbaum. Doesn't mean he's not a Yes Man or YM wannabee, but I'd lay money (or actually some spare debt I've got lying around, same thing these days) that he's not Bichlbaum.
  • Sgt R.
    In fairness I've just read on a couple of different articles that it was a hoax. I'd be very interested to see where it was first mentioned that it was a hoax.
  • Matt
    Wow. That's pretty shitty- wish it was a hoax now :-/
  • Loads m.
    I love it when a day-trader talks out of his arse! Stock up the beans and retreat to your underground retreat, the end is nigh. On the other hand he might be as right as city trader often are, in which case there is nothing at all to worry about.
  • Kidspeaksthetruth
    People have been making big bucks from economic downturns for centuries! Google "Rothschild and the battle of Waterloo" and see for yourself. Another way is 'short selling' There IS mega money to be made. Its laughable that this guy has been branded a hoax by the main stream media for stating the blatant truth. Yes hes a bit of a douche, but right in most of what he said.
  • Smashingnicey
    have to say that I really really want a survivaball
  • richard
    I agree with him.
  • SgtMunky
    I made a nice sum of money yesterday when the market tanked, as soon as another dip comes along, its quids in my friends :) Go learn how to trade options, cheaper way to get into it, and can play the market in both directions
  • CapitalistBitchMonkey
    Although he is being pretty honest about the whole affair - hoax or not - would a real trader want to educate people about how to make money in this circumstance. The only way to make money in a falling market is from others losing money. If no-one is losing money - as they are able to take advantage - then no-one can make money. Generally - I think all traders are douchebags and the world would be a better place without that kind of scum. Especially the cunts trading in various crop futures - they are real cunts causing increases in food prices and shortages of various crops and fucking over farmers who dont know how these markets work. What a bunch of cock-sockets they are.

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