Screw the Sharpie - get a Skerple

It's always been traditional to give a good-quality pen as a Christmas gift – rarely a year goes by without Dad getting a brand new Parker, especially if he's a top businessman.

But Parker pens are old hat daddio – it's all about the Sharpie in 2010. But maybe you can't afford a top-of-the-range Sharpie – they ain't cheap and the Sharpie people have got David Beckham to keep happy from the marketing budget.

See if you can get away with fobbing your loved one off with one of these instead. The Skerple – available from most good pound shops and some pretty shitty ones as well. The original, some would say superior version is below.





  • Mark C.
    Cowling & Wilcox on Broadwick Street was doing packs of five or six fine point Sharpies for only £3.50 the other week. Well they were until I bought all the remaining packs. Suspect they may have restocked by now though.
    [...] eternal, dunnit.  Others have picked up on the Skerple knockoff pen as well — not always disapprovingly!  Note that the last link is from 2010, a year that is three minus the one we’re in now. [...]

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